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Rebalance ops to level 75

matthobbit's Avatar

11.10.2019 , 12:17 PM | #1
Have devs made any indication that they're planning to rebalance SM and HM ops, remove the "veteran's edge" and no longer cap mastery, power, etc? It's extremely frustrating to have a whole bunch of stats that actually don't matter for the majority of the game, including ops and vet content due to artificial caps.
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11.10.2019 , 03:37 PM | #2
they wont rebalance....

but they should consider to get rid of the veterans edge stacks...

healing old content is still a pain in the *** because of the 130% lifebars
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11.12.2019 , 11:19 AM | #3
Veteran's Edge says one thing and does something different.

One it sets the loot you should be getting.

Two it does not set your Mastery, Endurance, Power, armor to the right numbers you should have as say 228 thru 258.

It gives you the same numbers or nearly the same numbers and never even close to what you would have at 70 even in lower gear 228.

They are not set for someone who is augmented they are set for someone who is running without augments and in non mod able gear. So nearly all of them are broken and give way less gear then a simple flash point. So this kills any need to do the Ops at all other then DXUN
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11.12.2019 , 12:57 PM | #4
Everything that was scaled to 70, not just ops, should be re-scaled to level 75. When you decided to scale everything up to max level so that everything was end game content, you should have been prepared to re-scale everything when you decided to increase the max level.

There is now 1 op and 1 flashpoint that are end game content. That is half the end game content that you had when you decided to scale everything up. All the new augments that take a ridiculous amount of mats to craft are completely useless for everything but 1 op and 1 fp. The SA and FR relics are completely useless for everything but 1 op and 1 fp. Force Empowerment and attack adrenals used for burn phases do nothing for you now. No point gearing with high power mods and enhancements, only thing that matters there now is the acc/alac/crit being 431. I'm sure I'm missing other things that are now useless for everything but that 1 op and 1 fp.

Scaling the player back and giving them a buff based on item level, instead of re-scaling the content, seems lazy. You chose the solution that took the least amount of effort, and it feels bad.

This half-assed, lazy approach is just silly for a game that has made a billion dollars. This is the only Star Wars MMO out there, and so many more people would play it if more effort was put in to it. I left to WoW for 3 years because you stopped releasing expansions with group content, but kept my sub going most of that time in hopes that we would get a proper expansion. Many people there said they would play SWTOR if it had regular expansion releases, especially since the latest WoW expansion was unpopular and people were searching for other MMOs to play. Most people that left went to FFXIV, ESO, GW2, and other games that have gotten more content updates over the last few years.

It feels like there is still a very limited development team working on this game with very limited funds. If that is the case, WHY is that the case? This game could be, and should be, a lot more popular. I was super excited to see a proper expansion come out with a new operation and everything, I thought maybe EA was actually going to invest in this game a bit. Seeing that players were scaled down instead of everything being re-scaled to 75, showed me they weren't willing to invest much and there still needed to be minimal-effort shortcuts taken.

You could take the WoW approach and release more end game group content more often, while leaving the old stuff alone with no down-scaling, or you could take your old approach and scale everything up to be end game content. What you shouldn't do, is leave everything scaled to 70 the way it is.

It feels good to be able to solo old ops that you out-level, and it feels good to gear up and get stronger for end game content. What doesn't feel good is gearing up to "BiS" and then being scaled back for almost everything. The power and mastery caps make so many things useless. It really feels bad.

TLDR: Down scaling players for ops and fps is lazy and bad, scaling up old content is okay, more new ops and fps is best. Also I went off on a bit of a tangent to say - more effort = more players = more money.