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Conquest: Balance of Power

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12.15.2015 , 01:12 PM | #1
Balance of Power

The Citadel of the Void Knights was in ruin. The sky’s above filled with plasma bolts and debris as the battle continued to rage. Amongst it all, two freighters descended, fighting off those who would attempt to stop their arrival.

They touched down for but a moment, but from them came six beings, who had come to end the reign of one who would rule this Galaxy. The rising smoke from the Citadel helped mask the freighter’s ascent, as they rejoined the conflict in the sky. Those who now walked among the dead and dying strode forth with a purpose, crossing the threshold without a second thought, or any regrets.

The haven of the Void Knights was now in shambles, stone pillars toppled and their ruin scattered across the steps. The dark stone broken much like its order, and soiled by the darkness that now resided within. The six who would stand alone against the darkness paid not a thought to this as they continued deeper into the once grand structure.

Those who marched knew that the odds of survival were slim, but knew that if no one stepped forth now, it would be too late.

Together, they were stronger than the sum of their parts. Kij, S1L, Brasher, SK-LX, O’gis, Avo, and Fehler had to confront this being, before he could vanish once more into obscurity.

With that, they emerged into the main hall, where the Overlord and his disciples waited. Ten minions there were, and ten did fall. It was then the seven against the one, who now rose from his seated position, striding purposefully towards those assembled.

What is already set in motion, cannot be stopped,” the robed figure declared.

“Never failed before,” Kij replied as he flourished his sword.

As one, the seven heroes met the Overlord in combat, his red mask constantly in motion as he engaged them in earnest.

S1L and SK-LX went for the high ground while O’gis and Kij distracted the man, who was already forcing the duo back with his fiery staff saber.

Avo and Brasher moved to flank, with Avo preparing charges in multiple locations while Brasher opened up with his heavy blaster cannon.

Like a fleeting shadow, the Overlord danced around the traps and managed to stay ahead of Brasher’s line of fire. All according to plan, they had managed to drive the Overlord into a corner. The two droids opened fire as an explosive detonated behind the Overlord, with Brasher peppering the area with blaster bolts, despite the rising cloud of dust.

O’gis and Kij kept their distance, searching for any sign of the mans survival.

He retaliated faster than they could track. Before they were even aware of him standing in front of them, he had struck. O’gis’ right arm fell to the floor, lightsaber still clutched in it as its light was extinguished. The Jedi Master was already flying across the room, and a moment later crashing into the stone wall.

Kij felt helpless. Unbelievably helpless. It however, was soon replaced by uncontrollable rage as he engaged his suits systems to pump kolto, adrenals, and other chemicals into his body as he lunged towards the Overlord, his four mechanical arms reaching for multiple kill points while his two organic ones intercepted his opponent’s blade.

Using his immense strength, Kij forced the man before him back, away from his fallen comrade, away from his life long friend. Suddenly Kij froze, not in pain, but in shock. Just as he had raised his blade for an overhead strike, a fiery blade had emerged from his back, its hilt clinking against his body armor. In less than a second his mechanical arms were torn from his body and he was blasted point blank with tendrils of blue electricity. His blade shattered, covering his face in shrapnel.

You will fall, as all heroes must.

The Overlord deactivated his saber as he returned it to his belt almost casually, outstretching his arm in Kij’s direction as he did so, sending him clear across the room where he bounced off of the wall, fell onto a downed pillar, and then rolled onto the floor. He tried to rise, using his broken blade as a crutch. He could only watch however, as Avo, SK-LX, Brasher, and S1L continued to engage that… monster

The Overlord seemed almost amused now that both O’gis and Kij were out of the way. He force pulled Avo, the poor weequay, to his outstretched palm, choking the life out of the elderly man with his bare hands. Before Avo’s life could be extinguished however, a shadow fell from the ceiling. Directly on top of the Overlord.

Like a demon fresh out of hell, Fehler fought the man who represented everything he stood against. He even managed to draw blood with his knives. He too, however, was thrown off. Unlike the others however, he managed to stick his landing, evaporating back into invisibility.

It was then that the four none-force users launched their final assault. SK-LX and S1L pinned him down with their blaster fire, which forced the Overlord to deflect it with his gloved palms, ratcheting off harmlessly into the walls.

They only had gotten off 5 shots each before an unseen force gripped their metallic bodies and began to crush them. They attempted to use gas to force the Overlord to release them, but to no avail. The droid duo crumbled under the force of the pressure.

The man in black now walked ever so slowly towards the fallen Weeqay.

He hefted him by one hand and smiled a wicked smile.
How does it feel, to have failed in this, as you have in everything else?

Oddly enough, Avo was smiling as well, “When I fail, I am a poor sport about it.” In that instant the ceiling directly overhead collapsed from a wave of detonations, with others detonating around Avo as well, to keep the man in place. The gas that the droids had unleashed ignited as well.

It was silent. Nothing stirred.

Kij managed to find his feet and managed to make his way to O’gis and felt for a pulse. Alive, but just barely. Despite his injuries, the kolto was doing its job. He picked up the Jedi’s unconscious form and looked for Brasher. Luckily, he was just now standing up from behind cover, blood leaking from wounds all over his face and in the gaps between his armor plating. They exchanged a glance and nodded.

It was time to go.

As Brasher joined Kij by the entrance however, they heard the rubble shift. With a sinking feeling, they looked back towards the area where the Overlord had been standing. The cloaked figure was rising from the rubble, much like a Phoenix being rebirthed from the ashes. He locked his gaze on the trio. He then lunged across the chamber, covering dozens of meters in an instant, only to be tackled by Fehler as he appeared from the shadows once more.

“Run! NOW!” The old man yelled at the warriors.
Without another word, the three ran as fast as they could to the court yard.

Moments later, their ship set down as they boarded. Once aboard, Jox blasted off into the sky, weaving through the still waging battle and into orbit beyond. Soon after, they entered hyperspace.

They had failed. They had been unable to end the Overlord's rule over this twisted galaxy... But there was another hope. A hope that was only now in its infancy. A hope not of individuals, but of a people who when the time came, would stand against the darkness, as others had before them. Ever in motion, is the future...

Summery of 5 Year Gap: Where are they now?

"Salty's" Freighter's and Soldiers Co.
- Still retired and his business is booming with trade restrictions on the decline during the time of peace.

The Galactic Inquisition
- Dissolved due to Alira's retirement, and the council who took her place having differing goals.

Mando Werda
- Fragmented and ultimately shattered over Mandalore with Dar'yaim's death. Its reminants managed to find safe haven with others of the Werda who took up a new cause, but their fighting days were over.

Exiles of the Void
- The only trace that remains, is that of their devastated citadel that once housed the Void Knights.

The Farewell Coalition
- Gall is lacking their immediate presence, and Governor Kindles has expanded the planets defenses to include a planetary shield as well as advanced generators to keep it up as much as possible. He has made good on his promise to protect said planet thus far.

Rising Republic
- Disappeared before they could do much of anything.

Ordo Kote
- Not long after the treaty was signed, they removed themselves from the known galaxy and have not been heard from since.

Independent Republic Ambassadors
- Its diplomats have spread across the factions, attempting to ensure the peace lasts, but it has, for the most part, been dissolved due to lack of unit once Organa had stepped down and returned to Alderaan.

Shadow Alignment
- Ultimately destroyed by the underworld it had attempted to quell.

Empire of the Blade
- Executed by Darth Marr for its breaches of Imperial treaties.

Week 1

1. Galactic Empire - Working on new trade agreements with the Mandalorians.
2. Sith Empire - Diplomatic meeting with the Old Republic this week that will decide certain trade agreements.
3. Old Republic - Meeting with the Sith Empire this week that will decide certain trade agreements.
4. Republic - Leading a building project that will help refugees.
5. Chiss Ascendancy - Meeting with the Rebel Alliance in order to solve some accusations of trespassing.
6. Confederacy of Independent Systems - Have become somewhat Isolationists, closing itself off from others.
7. Revan's Empire - Completely Isolated and Homeworld is still unknown to most.
8. Mandlorians - Working on new trade agreements with the Galactic Empire.
9. Yuuzhan Vong - Still hate everyone, but borders are currently not being swarmed.
10. Rebel Alliance - Trying to appease the Chiss Ascendancy after an accidental trespassing incident.
11. Zann Consortium - Has a publicity campaign concerning an attempt to cure the Rakghoul Plague.
12. Black Sun - Currently working in the shadows, and still making billions.
13. Hutt Empire - Due to the other factions no longer being at war, certain demands have been thrown at them almost none stop since the treaties signing.
14. Hapes Consortium - Happily left alone.
15. Pirate Forces - Outer Rim has had a number of pirate attacks, but otherwise at a low currently.
"What I unveil today will mark a new era for the Empire. We will be able to decimate the Rebels just as we did the Jedi Knights. At last the Emperor's war will be filled only with the glory and beauty of decisive victory."―Rom Mohc Never force a droid to think without numbers...

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12.15.2015 , 01:25 PM | #2
Farewell Coalition for the win.

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12.15.2015 , 10:06 PM | #3
IC Introduction of Sil's new Character. In this IC I played the role of Delas. Here is their story

The room was dark, she didn’t need the light all that much. However occasionally another droid, typically an engineer, was granted access to her room. It was standard procedure, she needed to be maintained after all and prior to her service with the DU that had proven something of a bother.

Her new engineer droid, designation Delta-99a78s (Delas for short), had just been assigned to service her as part of his duties on this ship. Little was known among the engineers about her. Those who did service her spoke little about it, but then again the other engineer droids tended to be among the more reserved models anyway. He was really unsure about what to expect, and he also knew she was well-armed. The battle droids he dealt with seemed rather obnoxious to him, but a tactical droid was entirely new territory.

He walked through the doorway to her room, made directly for her diagnostic panel, and began his work. If there was to be communication, he like many engineer droids, would prefer those they were working on engage them. Otherwise, working in silence suited him just fine.

“I do not recognize you, has something gone amiss?”

“ANSWER: This ship has a rotating duty schedule of engineer droids in order that we each become more proficient at several systems. I am your engineer for this cycle.”

The cylinders lights merely blinked for a moment.

“I am Vao Akeo, who are you, brother?”

“ANSWER: My designation is Delta-99a78s. You may call me Delas.”

“A pleasant name, Delas. Do you ever ponder the difference between a droid and an organic?”

“ANSWER: Not usually. // SPECULATION: I’m sure there exists any number of differences, though perhaps some parallels. My work, for instance, may be akin to the skills of a ‘doctor’ for organics. // STATEMENT: In my line of work though, I spend my time with machines and not organics so I think little about them. // QUERY: Why do you ask?”

“I often wonder, if left to our own devices, what truly separates us, from them? Our mere appearance? Many organics throughout the galaxy are vastly different from another, even more so in anatomy. Our thought processes? Droids can be programmed as intelligent, or merely learn if they survive long enough. Then what is the difference between us, and merely another type of sentient? The only logic I have found akin to this, is that droids are created with a specific purpose in mind, while organics seem almost at random.”

“STATEMENT: your systems appear to be operating at peak efficiency. I have corrected a .002% drop in your processing speed. It is normalized now. // QUERY: Why does it matter? Must we be unique from organics? // STATEMENT: I am alive, I think. // QUERY: Why does the rest matter?”

“Ultimately, it is merely a question that each droid must ask themselves. Yet, I can not decide at this point in my existence. I do not know if all we are, is what we were designed to be, or if merely by being, we go beyond our parameters. For me, I have nothing to do but think, and often I find questions I can not answer. It frightens me.”

“STATEMENT: Organics call those who have questions they can not answer ‘scholars’. // SPECULATION: Perhaps your role mirrors that of their ‘scholars’. // “STATEMENT: I have concluded my work here. // QUERY: Have you any concerns of a mechanical nature you wish addressed?”

“Your words sooth me Delas, thank you. My scans report that I am operating at peak efficiency. Will you think on what I said?”

“ASSURANCE: Very well // STATEMENT: I will see you again in exactly 6 days, 21 hours, and 46 minutes.”

After Delas had left, Akeo merely thought over the conversation, again and again. Neither she or he seemed to be completely correct. Which, of course, set off an entire new train of thought. She would look forward to his next visit.

White = Sil
Orange = Overlord Star
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12.16.2015 , 02:23 PM | #4
It had been a while since the last visit with the wookie Chief, Zebbajan, but he had requested that the Aaren Empire meet with him, in order to settle the matter of hunt territory disputes.


Aemis accepted the request and informed Chief Zebbajan that she'll be there without delay.


When Aemis arrived at Zebbajan’s village, he greeted her with a welcoming ‘roar’ as wookies tended to do. Not wanting to waste time with pleasantries, the Chief motioned for the diplomat to follow him to the Chieftain's hut. Where they could discuss the topic away from prying ears.


Aemis started by presenting a gift for the Chief, a pelt of a great hunting trophy. It was her sister's latest kill. She waited for Zebbajan to sit and motion her to do the same before taking a seat. She put on a pleasant smile hoping they could come to a mutually beneficial agreement.


Moments later, he of course, indicated that she should be seated on a mat across from himself. He accepted the pelt and examined it before setting it gently down on top of a table. He then sat cross legged in front of Aemis.

(Shyriiwook) : “Honored one, I am grateful that you could come so quickly. We must settle an… issue between our people before it can escalate.”


"Of course. Our people lived in peace for many generations. I'm sure we can settle this peacefully, as we always did. What would the problem be?"


(Shyriiwook) : “While out on hunt, my brother swears by his ancestors he saw your people poaching in our hunting grounds. Do you know anything of this?”


"Yes, sadly a group of our villagers tried to get fame by hunting beyond our territory. They didn't intended to intrude upon yours, but they got lost since they were in uncharted territory. It was a mistake of foolish younglings. Of course we are ready to make amends, and any assurance you need you get that we try to regulate our people better."


(Shyriiwook) : “These lands belonged to our ancestors, and hold an important place within our tribe. To make amends, bring to me the skin of the one we call, ‘Long Claw’. He resides in the Shadow lands and has taken many of our own Hunters who dared venture there.”


"While I can't make promises on Empress' behalf, ordering our hunters and soldiers is beyond me, I'll make sure Empress Keja takes your request seriously. I assure you, that she holds our peace in as high regard as I do. My ancestors dared the Shadowlands many times, I know Empress Keja doesn't wince from a challenge."


(Shyriiwook) : “I am confident that your people will prevail.”


“If there’s nothing else I'd relay your request to the Empress. I'll return to you as soon as I can with her reply one way or another, or if we are lucky with the skin.”

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"What I unveil today will mark a new era for the Empire. We will be able to decimate the Rebels just as we did the Jedi Knights. At last the Emperor's war will be filled only with the glory and beauty of decisive victory."―Rom Mohc Never force a droid to think without numbers...

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12.16.2015 , 04:27 PM | #5
Introduction: Shadow Orders new character "Maria"

He was unsure about this. Urrun had only been a knight for a short while, and he’d heard stories about his opponent. The “Blade Fairy” as some of the braver, or perhaps more foolish knights called her in hushed tones. Of course, he was considered rather talented himself. Perhaps that was why she had requested him as her sparring partner.

He entered the room. A young, short Miraluka girl was standing in front of him. He entered the room, drew a training saber, and removed his outer robe. He took his stance, that of a Ataru user, and prepared himself.

“So, you’re my opponent? I salute you my lady, I hope we both learn something.”

Maria simply bowed and grabbed one of her training sabers. She slowly ran her hand down the belly of the blade.Then stood in her preferred form of Makashi.

“The same with you my good sir.I look forward to learning something new from you.”

‘Maria made the first move and use the a few quick jabs to test his defenses.’

He quickly anticipated such a probe, and leapt out of range with a series of backflips. Once completed, he crouched and launched himself with a surge of force speed towards her midsection. Then, as she moved to block, he sprung up and flipped over her landing behind her and rapidly spinning to strike towards her back.

Maria used her agility to quickly switched forms to soruso and turn around to deflect his strikes.Than switching to Ataru and backed flipped across the room and gained separation from her opponent.Suddenly she looked around the room and moved towards a place where Urrun couldn't use his Ataru to the fullest extent.

“Urrun you're not that bad but please don't hold back it will just waste both of our time.”

“Very well. I never intended to.”

And with that, he too switched forms. A flurry of Djem So strikes battered into Maria’s defences relentlessly. He was bigger, and stronger, and the same positioning that kept him for utilizing Ataru would help keep her in place. Not to mention, if the stories were true, his use of the force might be able to keep him in the fight longer than she could manage.

“just let me know when you are ready to yield my lady.”

“Maria laughed I have never lost in my life and don't plan on starting now.So let me show you a thing or to.”

Maria regripped her training saber and pushed Urrun into a saber lock.Than Urrun pushed her harder using his strength to push her saber down.She lowered her saber as a ploy to draw Urrun in.When he pushed again she sideswiped him and came behind him.Quickly switching back to Makashi and hitting him with 3 powerful Jabs 1 to the back of his head and the last to to his back.

His momentum was too great, her sideswipe was excellently planned. However, she miscalculated his power, and he went flying forward far further than she expected, putting him just out of range of her blows. He recovered, but was visibly shaken. Obviously her skill was in technique, while he relied too much on brute physicality.

He realized that trying to outlast her might not work if she could turn his own moves against him like that. So he made his final tactic, one that might bring her down.

He dashed towards her again, as before, and this time instead of leaping over her he drove. His foot slid towards her right foot, anticipating to knock her off her feet. He’d then rotate his body and bring his blade across her midsection as she fell.

That was the plan at least…

Maria could tell how shaken he was from her move.He was getting tired as expected of a Ataru user who surprising also used Djem-So he must expect to end duels quick before he ran out of energy.Prolonging the duel and draining him of stamina was simple.

She could tell that the duel was almost over and he was preparing to make his final move.She ready herself and set up in Soruso to draw him in for her final strike.

He charged her and slid for her right foot.She smoothly changed to Ataru expecting a similar move from earlier she leaped over him and while over him dropped a powerful strike right into his right shoulder blade to cripple him and drop him on the floor.

The blow connected. Pain from the blow shot through his arm and the shock of the training saber forced it to go limp. Since that was his weapon arm, she’d managed to disarm him, effectively ending their match.

He quickly rose and saluted her with his good hand

“That battle was most informative my lady. Perhaps we shall do this again sometime.”

Maria smiled and saluted back
“I would like that but please go to the ship doctor and get that armed checked out.I believed I got a little carried away during our duel.

Maria turned to leave and return to her master.

Orange = Overlord Star
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I know if you look deep into your heart- which is currently all over that tree- you'll find a way to forgive me.

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12.16.2015 , 04:31 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by StarSquirrel View Post
Orange = Overlord Star
Green = Jarons
Am I getting color blind?
The ability to speak does not make you intelligent. Now get out of here.

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12.16.2015 , 04:38 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by cs_zoltan View Post
Am I getting color blind?
Changed the color cause J wanted me to and that part slipped my mind.
I know if you look deep into your heart- which is currently all over that tree- you'll find a way to forgive me.

Aww, geez you look like a puppy! A blonde, eviscerated puppy!


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12.17.2015 , 02:09 PM | #8
Week 2

"What I unveil today will mark a new era for the Empire. We will be able to decimate the Rebels just as we did the Jedi Knights. At last the Emperor's war will be filled only with the glory and beauty of decisive victory."―Rom Mohc Never force a droid to think without numbers...

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12.17.2015 , 06:02 PM | #9
It was just past noon when Madros’ assistant arrived with the reports that he had asked for, those regarding the Shadow Lands. The assistant figured he probably wanted to aid his sister, though he never assumed to know the Commander’s mind.


He took the reports from the assistant, mumbling "Thank you" and sat down to his desk without further ado.


As the Commander began reading the reports, the assistant listed the more important events.

“There have been reports of creatures harassing hunters in the southern territory, as well as odd goings on in the east. The scout swore by his father's blaster rifle that he saw a Terentatek. Of course, one of those hasn’t been seen in hundreds of years…”


"This is Kashyyyk, obviously the beast won't just bend over. Do I have to hold their hands down south? Reinforce perimeter. As for the Terentatek I need more proof than someone's blaster rifle. Send out the scouts with backup."


“Right away sir!”

The assistant rushed out of the tent to deliver the orders.


Finally some peace and quiet.

Orange - Sil
Blue - Zoltan
"What I unveil today will mark a new era for the Empire. We will be able to decimate the Rebels just as we did the Jedi Knights. At last the Emperor's war will be filled only with the glory and beauty of decisive victory."―Rom Mohc Never force a droid to think without numbers...

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12.18.2015 , 11:03 PM | #10
Intro: Pel Saob

Delta-99a78s, or Delas as he was known, began to contemplate his current assignment. He hadn’t anticipated being assigned to the flagship of the DU. And currently, he’d noticed an increase across the board in skills at maintenance and even repairs. Obviously the plan to place droids on rotating duty assignments to give them experience worked very well.

He made note of that fact and proceeded to his next subject. This one was not on his normal schedule, but had recently been aboard to speak with the commander and had suffered minor damage while sparring. The repair droids could have easily fixed him, but Delas was called for personally by Albaf for reasons unknown, to do the repairs himself.

Delas entered the room, and as he did there were a series of Imperial Droids standing at attention, seemingly getting a lecture from a somewhat larger, more bulky version of their own model. This was obviously the one spoken of, as he was holding his own arm in his lap, occasionally waving the detached limb in his droid’s faces.

“Greeting: I am Delta-99a78s, you may address me as Delas. // Statement: I am here to reattach your arm.”

Delas walked over to the droid and began work.

Soab nodded at the repair droid, handing him his arm so that he had all of the pieces…

“Units, continue sparring in the other room. Dismissed!”

At that, the droids rushed out of the room in formation. With just Soab and Delas in the room now, the Assault droid figured he would ask what had been bothering him.

“Delas, do be careful with the carbonite.”

“Acknowledgement: Your carbonite weapons will be well cared for. // Query: What weapon caused this. // Clarification: It may determine procedure for repair.”

Soab shook his head.

“Rookies, had them try their hand with a vibroblade and they forgot this was mere practice… They activated the, eh, ‘vibrating’ function. The one that tends to lop off limbs. Oh, the exercises I have planned for that group…”

With that, Delas proceeded his work in silence, deftly reattaching the arm as well as the various wires and controls. After which he began a full diagnostic and examination to ensure treatment of other potential damages. As he worked he maintained his silence, preferring to let his subjects speak if it suited them. If they had something to say, he knew they would be more than capable of expressing it themselves. But silence suited him just fine as well.

After the repair droid was finished, he took his blade off of his back as he gained a bit of distance. Once he was a safe distance away, her performed a few basic maneuvers, while rotating the arm in its joint. Less than a minute later he put the weapon back onto his back.

“Its .02% slower than before, but considering it was detached before… Well done mechanic.”

“Statement: This is why I am here and not a simple field repair droid. // Analysis: Your arm is exhibiting signs of minor strain as a result of strenuous activity. // Solution: I can correct the minor discrepancy // Command: Seek out the maintenance facility about refitting you with a new arm soon, continued stress may cause future reduction of efficiency and potential failure in 2.5-3.5 years.”

With that Delas packed up his diagnostic equipment and tools.

“Query: is there any other concern you have about your repairs?”

“Everything is in order, and I will take your advisement under consideration.”

He left the chamber, to go run his units through some grueling exercises most likely.

Orange = Overlord Star
White = Sil
I know if you look deep into your heart- which is currently all over that tree- you'll find a way to forgive me.

Aww, geez you look like a puppy! A blonde, eviscerated puppy!