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Which Characters were better? (Slight Spoilers)

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Which Characters were better? (Slight Spoilers)

JDiablos's Avatar

12.28.2015 , 09:30 PM | #1
So as everyone knows there are many parallels between A New Hope and The Force Awakens. Since the characters contrast so well why not use this very scientific process to figure out which movie was better. Compare the characters to determine the score. 1 point for each matchup, movie with the most points wins! I'll also include Phantom Menace characters in case you feel the need to compare them.

1. Luke ---- Rey ----- Anakin
2. Han ---- Poe ----- Obi-Wan
3. Leia ---- Finn ----- Padme
4. Kenobi ----- Han ---- Qui-Gon
5. Vader----- Kylo ----- Maul
6. C-3PO ---- BB-8 ----- R2-D2
7. Tarkin ---- Hux ---- Gunray
8. Emperor ---- Snoke ---- Emperor



Which Chewie was the superior Chewie!?

If you think he was equally awesome or not awesome in each movie here's one final tiebreaker for you....

Admiral Motti --------- Captain Phasma

So doing this I realize this is universally unfair and in no way scientific as we have 3 (in some cases 6) movies with the original characters that somewhat clouds our judgement. Because of that I'll try to take them strictly based off A New Hope. Here we go....

1. Rey. This was actually pretty close, as Luke is one of my favorite Star Wars characters of all time. Problem is in A New Hope he is kind of annoying. Plus Rey is pretty awesome. Anakin would of course be 3rd.

2. Han. Poe is awesome, probably my favorite character from the new movie. But he's no Han Solo. As for the Phantom Menace Obi-Wan would again be 3rd. I actually liked Obi-Wan a lot in the prequels but it took him until episode 2 to really take off. He did about as much in the first movie as Poe did, but was less entertaining.

3. Leia. Finn was a really poorly written character. If he'd been a smuggler or something instead of a defecting storm trooper he'd win this by a mile as he was far more entertaining than Leia. Padme would be 3rd. Portman is beautiful and talented but she was weird in Phantom Menace and a 10 year old kept hitting on her.

4. Obi-Wan. Thought Han wasn't as compelling in Force Awakens as he was in his younger days. Qui-Gon would be 2nd this time, because he was a cool cat.

5. Vader. Tough to choose between Kylo and Maul actually. I thought Kylo as an unfinished product with childlike tantrums and a very developed character was cool. But Darth Maul had an awesome look, a duel bladed lightsaber, and a sweet saber fight with the Jedi. Ok nevermind I talked myself into Maul in 2nd.

6. C-3PO. Droids are comic relief mostly. C-3PO has ever been the king. R2 would be 2nd.

7. Tarkin. I liked Hux enough, but Tarkin was fantastic. Gunray sucked.

8. Snoke. Obviously the Emperor is hands down way more awesome than Snoke has been so far, but he wasn't even in A New Hope, so this comparison was flawed from the get go. Emperor from Phantom Menace would be 1st here.

So there you go. 6-2 for A New Hope against Force Awakens. Had I compared Phantom Menace with Force Awakens it would have been a tie. Had I compared Phantom Menace to A New Hope it would have lost 7-1.

Just for the record Chewie is better in A New Hope and Motti is way more awesome than Phasma could ever be. Not that I made it to the tiebreaker.

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12.29.2015 , 03:26 AM | #2
1. Luke. It was a tough choice, since Rey´s acting is much better, but ultimately Luke has a progression whereas Rey becomes a jedi out of nowhere. The annoying Anakin doesn´t even hold a candle.

2. Han. His interactions with Leia are legendary.

3. Leia. Finn´s character is way more funnier, but he´s the emperor of inconsistent writing. Padmé is just boring.

4. Qui-Gon. His role was much more important than Old Ben´s. Han wasn´t as much as a tutor as them.

5. Vader. Again, the TFA counterpart has much more writing behind him apart from being your stereotypical villain in black armor, but once again if that writing makes his character suck I´ll keep the stereotypical villain any day.

6. BB-8. And here we go, since not one of them has any writing behind them apart from comic relief BB8 does a much better job than his droid counterparts.

7. Tarkin. I´ll have a cold and calm demeanor before hot blooded screaming any day. Gunray looks like a kid´s cartoon villain.

8. Snoke. The Emperor doesn´t even appear in ANH, and TBH he doesn´t look as menacing as Snoke in TPM.

So, 5-2-1 for me.

Setta's Avatar

12.29.2015 , 06:09 PM | #3
1. Rey : 0 / 1 / 0
2. Han : 1 / 1 / 0
3. Leia : 2 / 1 / 0
4. Kenobi : 3 / 1 / 0
5. Vader : 4 / 1 / 0
6. BB-8 : 4 / 2 / 0
7. Tarkin : 5 / 2 / 0
8. Emperor : 5 / 2 / 1 (Was there even an emperor in a New Hope?) I think this is a bugged question, but doesn't matter though new Hope had over all better characters by a significant margin, even if I did like 7 as a whole a bit more than 4. I think a remake of 4 with today's witt, humor and effects would probably be one of the best movies to date.

Originally I put up Luke over Rey. However just comparing the New Hope Luke to Force Awaken Rey, Rey wins by a tiny, tiny bit. I think if it was any other actress, Luke would of had this. However Rey was just perfect for that part, not to mention she has an edge due to being great eye candy vs. Luke. Regardless if it's a subconscious thing or not. Over all though, Luke is a much better character than Rey at least so far. However in A New Hope, I felt he was a bit wee whiny and therefor I gave it to Rey, despite the random Super Sayian power up at the end there, which kind of ruined her as well.

Edit :

I suppose (not that it matters) Old Chewie > New Chewie.


Motti vs Phasma? I could care less for either or. Phasma maybe if I had to pick, both kind of sucked. Refer a friend code. Bonuses from bundles to a week of extra sub time.

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12.29.2015 , 06:36 PM | #4
Anakin midichlorian space jesus is bottom of the barrel for me

ld Chewie > New Chewie.
lmao... *** is this... what's the difference?

Abvora's Avatar

12.30.2015 , 12:35 PM | #5
I'm basing this entirely off the individual movies, because otherwise it feels unfair to judge the characters--the OT and PT have had three movies of development, while TFA cast has just one. So this is going solely by how the character was in ANH and TPM.

1. Rey > Luke > Anakin. Rey juuuuuuust barely wins out over Luke for her amazing acting. Kiddie midichlorian Anakin doesn't even compare to either of them.

2. Leia > Padme > Finn. Leia and Padme are both fairly strong and competent in their respective movies, but Padme is kind of boring and weighed down by the bad script. Finn, while a sweetheart, just felt underdeveloped and underused in general.

3. Han > Poe > Obi-Wan. No contest here. Poe carries Han's legacy of "snarky ace pilot" well, but he lacks the charm and overall presence Han had to really compete. Obi-Wan was the best part of the prequels, but he was at his worst in TPM--barely got to do anything, and what little he did, he didn't do it with the charisma of Han and Poe.

4. Han > Obi-Wan > Qui-Gon. Han does Obi-Wan's original job with more flair than Obi-Wan ever did, and Obi-Wan does his job much better than Qui-Gon. I don't think Qui-Gon offers Anakin more than a single piece of advice, while Han and Obi-Wan were constantly there for Rey and Luke.

5. Kylo > Vader > Maul. Like Rey, Kylo just BARELY edges out over the original. Vader was an intimidating and powerful force, but he didn't develop beyond "typical villain" until the latter films. Kylo is a far more interesting and developed character compared to ANH Vader, and he manages to match him in fear factor as well. The only thing Maul has going for him is his design--he has absoluty no personality and isn't as threatening as the other two.

6. BB-8 > R2-D2 > C3PO. The droids don't do much, so this is mostly personal preference. That said, BB-8 and R2 are cuter and do more than Threepio, who's just a whiner.

7. Tarkin > Hux > Gunray. Hux is a good enough villain, but Tarkin's cold calculation and ruthlessness are far superior. Gunray was just incompetent.

8. Snoke > Emperor > Emperor. None of the "bigger bads" do much in the first movie, either, but Snoke at least makes more than one appearance. The Emperor doesn't show till the very end of TPM, and not at all in ANH.

So overall score:

TFA: 5 (Rey, Kylo, Han, BB-8, Snoke) >
ANH: 3 (Leia, Han, Tarkin) >
TPM: 0 (#LolPhantomMenace)

Yes, I do think TFA was better than ANH, though just barely--Rey and Kylo are intriguing enough a hero/villain to let it eck slightly ahead. However, this is only in comparison to ANH Luke and Vader--if I were judging all the movies together, Luke and Vader would win instead. Like I said, though, I think it's unfair to do that sort of comparison when Rey and Kylo have only starred in one movie. We'll see how they do in the next two.

Bonus round:

Chewie = Chewie. He's awesome either way.
Phasma = Motti. She was disapponting, and I can't remember a single thing about Motti.