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Should I play knight?

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Should I play knight?

FlavaFlavius's Avatar

06.16.2014 , 09:56 AM | #1
I just finished the consular story and found the end sort of anticlimactic. I was considering rolling a Jedi guardian because the game play style and armor designs appeal to me, but I have concerns about the story. Mainly, it's this: when I play role playing games, I almost always roll either paladin or wizard-type classes, which is why I elected to go with the consular first time through. On top of that, I just like roleplaying more intellectual characters, to which the mage and paladin archetypes usually cater pretty well.

I've heard that the Jedi Knight story is sort of mindless and the character him/herself can be sort of meat headed. More than the story, is that true about the character? I rather liked the consular's level, Obi-Wan sounding voice and I'd rather not like to switch into a "bro" type character. If so, is it to such a degree that it'll detract from my experience playing as a knight?

Many thanks for any replies!

Hoech's Avatar

06.16.2014 , 10:22 AM | #2
Prior to SWTOR I strictly played ranged caster classes. I always liked the idea of playing a melee toon, but the reality of it just wasn't for me. That being said, obviously I created a Sorc as my main and enjoyed it. When I had a little bit of spare time I created a JK... and have never looked back. With SWTOR it has been the first time I have ever enjoyed melee in an MMO setting, so as far as game play goes I figure this is good news for you.

Now on the story side of things... I guess it will come down to how you perceive things. I played my Guardian as a paragon of the light and for the most part felt like the outcome was a more insightful character leaving me with more of a Qui'gon/Obiwan feel to it. The moments when I opted not to fight, or not to deliver a killing blow felt far more heroic to my characters legacy, where as those times when only brute force and death would do became more like a duty which bodes well with the Jedi credo.

I've seen a few of the dark side options, and feel like that might be where the meat head 'Jedi Knight Smash' interpretations are coming from, but I am not sure that is unique to the Jedi story line, but rather just the way BW is portraying the dark side.

ETA: If you do roll JK, I would advise to pick your conversation choices carefully. THink about what is going on and choose the more insightful option or you well get character quotes of "There aren't any problems my light saber can't handle."

DomiSotto's Avatar

06.16.2014 , 10:40 AM | #3
Your JK will sound very calm, almost psychopathic as a male. Once in a while he will show a bit over the top emotional response to the admittedly very emotionally hard things in the game. He will not sound like anyone's best pall, really if that's what you mean. I don't find a Knight particularly interesting, but at least your Paladin-like run is not going to be mocked and invalidated by the tricky 'gotcha, ye Lawful Good Stupid!' (that latest is always my fear when I play LG characters). Try it, you can always delete the character if it is not all that great. As an alternative, I found the Lights Sided Sith Warrior more engaging in the rebellious sort of way and with the same awesome fighting style. So, I am playing two SW, and one knight, plus have a paired a Consular with a Knight.

FlavaFlavius's Avatar

06.16.2014 , 10:48 AM | #4
Thank you for the replies, Hoech and DomiSotto!

Mainly, my concern was that I really dislike playing as block-of-wood characters. One reason I love Star Wars so much is that the melee warrior types are usually Jedi and Sith, so they have that mystical/religious background that makes them more thoughtful and introspective. My concern with the knight was that he/she gets branded as a mary sue often and those types rarely have interesting, thoughtful things to say. That intellectual tendency is definitely there with the consular; I just wanted to make sure it's there's with the knight too before I jump in with that class.

Thanks for the advice with the conversation topics; often with the consular I found myself choosing neutral or dark side options occasionally to prevent my character from coming off as blindly naive; I'll be careful with the knight as well.

Frankly, I can't wait to get some decent gear; I love the look of the knight robes. The consular equipment *especially* on male characters just looks embarrassing most of the time (like the disturbingly phallic level 20 PVP helmet...).

DomiSotto's Avatar

06.16.2014 , 03:03 PM | #5
The writing is fairly weak for either Knight or SW. Bio has more success with quick witted responses such as BH or Smuggler than with introspective, philosophical characters. Whenever they try you get incomprehensible mess like Voss. One reason I didn't feel like playing a Consular as a Miraluka is that she will never sound like Visas. Now, Visas was done right. She was deep, sharp and easy to follow. Philosophy and thoughtfulness do not equate muddiness. It's the opposite of it in fact. The dialogue should make others want to follow, and be inspired... can't say there were many moments like that.

But I still loved playing a Consular so much I am considering another one. but I have a Knight as well.

mastervalkar's Avatar

06.19.2014 , 03:11 AM | #6
One thing from Leveling two Knights (a Guardian and a Sentinel, both full Light side) is that the Knights then to be not as attuned to the mystical part of the Force. After you, you are a living weapon; it's you and your lightsaber, trained in different fighting styles. Knight have two non-lightsaber using abilities (Force Status (a Force stun) and for Guardians, Force Push). Both Focus skill tree do add Force Exhaustion, another non-melee ability, but even so, you at a "beatstick" type of characters.

As such, the story-line really doesn't get into deep study of the Force, though Chapter 1 makes for the majority of what you looking for. I would call a full-Light Side Knight a little of Obi-Wan and a little of Mace Windu; You're a fierce warrior that is known his his battle prowess as much as his ability for mercy and negotiation. You're 65% Brawl, 35% Brains.
Arkaine (Jedi & Sith) - Rendarr (Troopers/BHs) - Prowler (Agents & Smugglers)

Vradic's Avatar

06.20.2014 , 04:47 PM | #7
One thing to remember about the jedi knight, after a certain point, your conversations are not that of a companion, but of a mentor. It's very noticable in the dynamic to.

You go from "yes master, may the force be with you master, that milks out of date master don't..........."

To being a teacher to a padawan of your own.

General Kenobi is the best way to describe a Jedi Knight.

Atamasama's Avatar

06.23.2014 , 05:03 PM | #8
The storyline is a pretty typical "hero saves the galaxy" thing, not all that exciting. But there's some flexibility in dialog. There are often opportunities to make sarcastic or ironic comments, it's not all "sage wisdom" or "righteous anger" (or "murderous power-monger" for dark side characters).

Not as fun as the dialog for some other characters (you have to love smugglers!) but it's not all bad.

And I love the playstyle of the Jedi Knight. Force Leap is my favorite move in the entire game. Once you learn that move there is no going back.

StormTerminus's Avatar

06.24.2014 , 11:45 AM | #9
I am enjoying my Defend the Republic with Dark Tendencies Jedi Sentinel. The quests are fun and it helps tie in all the stories. I also just love the animations and moves. Force Leap is iconic and I love the saber throws (all 4 of them for Sentinels).

It took a while for me to click with my Sentinel but once I did it was magical.