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[Slightly Spoilers]Regarding Talos's Personality

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[Slightly Spoilers]Regarding Talos's Personality

ThirdDementor's Avatar

06.26.2014 , 03:41 AM | #1
From the moment I met Talos, he reminded me of Grobnar Gnomehands from Neverwinter Nights 2. Almost feels like the same character.

- They sound the same, even if it's not the same voice actor.
- They're both eternally chipper, to the point where it shouldn't even be possible. So chipper, in fact, that they make me use the word 'chipper' despite not being British.
- Talos is an archaeologist and Grobnar is a bard: both of them have dedicated their lives to the discovery of ancient lore.
- They're both small (body type 1 is not a gnome, but it'll have to do in this case).
- They both have those funny, optimistic lines even when bad things happen, or when talking about things from their past that didn't go well.

Tell me I'm not the only one who thought about this.