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anyone else getting stuck in solid objects while using cover?

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anyone else getting stuck in solid objects while using cover?

lividspiral's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 09:30 AM | #1
so far lvl 7 and this is the second time ive become stuck in the world while using cover. i roll behind a box and while i can see my toon next to the cover object, when i attempt to move on after killing the mob, i cannot and am handcuffed in place to the static cover item.

i have tried /stuck but it doesn't get me off the object. the first time i managed to pull some nearby mobs and have them kill me. the first time the med probe droid rez'd me but i was still stuck on the object. i had to pull a 2nd time, then rez at the medical clone spawn point in order to get free.

i am now stuck a 2nd time in a different place. same scenario where stuck won't work but this time there's no nearby mobs so i'm doomed lolz.

is there a work around for this or will my lil smuggler fellow be stuck on a box for eternity?
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12.16.2011 , 10:11 AM | #2
Yeah I got stuck using cover yesterday. It sucked, and "/stuck" didn't seem to work or help. I have to warp out, which luckily at the time was not on cooldown.

I guess you have to avoid cover that is a tight fit between two objects is what I learned.

Saudan's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 04:53 PM | #3
Yes, many times. I've written several bug reports with specific locations. /stuck doesn't work. logging in/out doesn't work.

I recently hit scoundrel, so my solution is to take cover off my bar...I never use it anymore. While cover is not a scrapper's bread and butter, there are times it's useful. But risking getting stuck makes it never worth it, imo.

Illutian's Avatar

01.22.2012 , 06:19 AM | #4
Count me among the "Cover Stuck"; <insert exlicit language> game. This is beginning to become one the worst POS game I have ever played.

How many patches have we had? AND STILL I'M GETTING STUCK.

Stop coming out with new content and


I would have written a nicer post but seeing as my Quick Travel has 15min left on it...

Pro-tip: Until you figure out, <insert rude comment>, maybe you should make /stuck teleport you to the nearest Medical Droid.

What's that you say? It could be exploited to travel around quickly? Then how about we just unsub until the game is in a 'workable' state. Oh wait, it would go the way of Tabula Rasa.


And now I'm stuck in the same gosh darn container by talking to Syreena just before talking to Viidu during 'Security Breach'.

...and 26min on Quick Travel.

Bioware, how long are we going to pay for beta?

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01.22.2012 , 08:45 AM | #5
yes, i also got stuck in the post-conversation 'fight' about syreena as well, and put in a bug report.

i had more instances of being stuck on hutta as well, and in flashpoints, which was a more serious issue with IA, but it's been a lot better on the smuggler so far.

on republic side, it's happened 3x, i was able to quick travel out the 2nd time, the third time i was able to get out of combat using dodge/stealth, which helps a lot when the animation affects your collision detection.

from my time with the IA, using emotes like /getdown and /sleep, etc can also push your character out of the collision bounds, or put you into them, but in the whole, getting out of an in-combat collision is a lot harder, since you cant even log out, or die easily.

each and every time there's a bug that obvious and wrong, the in game help is often unhelpful, and 9 out of 10 times, the bug report is still going to be ignored, but it's going to be there on record, even if it was closed in 12 seconds with a patent, generic response.

i've not had that many collision based /stuck errors since ord mantell, and since corso had his harpoon nerfed, cover has been a lot easier to maintain, even while under constant fire.

once you start getting elites and strong mobs, finding real cover will be useless or impossible, i.e. grenades and fire traps, etc. so learning to get around without it helps.

i.e. when grenades knock you, or the Boss NPC through furniture, etc. things are amusing, but also frustrating, as the same grenade can knock you "through" the collision detection surface, and prevent you from moving out of an object.

at the lower levels, there's a ton more corridors and buildings/ramps, which can be buggy, and at the later levels, there's a lot more outdoor areas and very litle natural cover. so you will be using portable cover or not using it at all, which bugs less often.
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