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Conquest Feedback and Upcoming Changes

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Conquest Feedback and Upcoming Changes
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03.22.2018 , 04:54 PM | #111
a gamer like my, with around 30 chars on CR300 i am not amused about the conquest system. If i would need 4-5h per char for personel conquest it would be fine. Now i have one char finisht and i am done - no eager do to more, even i would like. My guild choce the 2.5kk planet, we araound 800k and all the stuff with a lot of points are done - so yeahh just a few ppl more not happy with the changes.
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03.22.2018 , 04:55 PM | #112
It seems too soon to lower the guild quest objective points, to reach the large/medium/small yield rewards, but I'll bow to your data gathering and decision making.

I thought of a UI change that I think will be helpful.

How about when it is a certain week's conquest (Relic of the Gree for example) in the Guild Invasions tab, it says "Relic of the Gree guild highest conquest week" and show the number for the most conquest points that guild ever earned during a Relic of the Gree week. And also show "Last Relic of the Gree week" and show the final numbers for the last time it was Relic of the Gree week. That way guilds can track themselves, and make personal bests, trying to out preform the previous accomplishments.

This suggestion is in addition to my previous comments

I am happy to see some changes to conquest. I am particularly happy about the nerf to lock outs. That is one of the parts to my suggestion # 27 in my suggestion thread found here

I like how you are playing with the UI, trying to make it better. I particularly like how you are trying to give bragging rights to players who are top conquest earners. I also like how you are trying to make small guilds competitive, and able to earn the Galaxy Conqueror title.

Here are a few suggestions on how to improve what you already have.

1) Improve the UI further.

a) Under the "Conquest Tab" where you have the drop down arrows for "Sort by Points," "Sort by Name," "Sort by Repeatable," and "Sort by Percent Complete," change that to have the drop downs be "Sort by Points (All objectives)," "Sort by Legacy (One time objectives, some people on this thread recommend getting rid off this category completely)," "Sort by Character (Once per toon per week) objectives," "Daily objectives (Once per toon per day)," and "Repeatable objectives (multiple times per day per toon)"

b) Make the top five character contributors for conquest be the top five legacy contributors. Players can already see who the top five character contributors are for conquest, by hitting G for guild, and then changing the drop down window from "Guild Rank" to "Conquest Points." Changing it to legacy would save players the time of having to sort through names and do addition.

2) Make earning points easier (more points per activity) or Improve rewards (multiple ship plans if you invade a medium or large yield planet). I recommend making earning points easier since that helps alts earn conquest. After all, this is an alt friendly game, might as well make your alts work for you.

3) Make it so you earn points for participating in Player vs. Player (PvP) and Galactic Star Fighter (GSF). Win or lose, you should earn points to encourage people to que, but winning should award more points.

4) Bring back conquest points for doing a random flashpoint, with more conquest points for doing a random Hard Mode (HM) flashpoint, to encourage progression.

Here are some suggestions that would also improve conquest.

1) My suggestion #27: TL;DR - Give points for killing a Story Mode (SM) Boss, more points for killing a Hard Mode (HM) Boss, and even more points for doing a Nightmare Mode (NiM) Boss, with bonus points awarded if it is the daily operation. This will encourage progression.

2) Make it show the top 10 Legacy contributors for conquest, instead of the top 5 characters for conquest, so it can mirror the top 10 conquest guilds. This is for the same reason you show top 10 guilds, to encourage competitiveness, even at lower levels.

3) Change PvP and GSF to be "Repeatable Objectives" (by the definition in this post).

Again, great job nerfing raid lockouts that was an exploit that needed to be squashed. .
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03.22.2018 , 04:57 PM | #113
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Hey folks, Beyond that we will continue to monitor data and your feedback to seek other possible changes in 5.9 and beyond.

We are committed to getting Conquests to be enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding.

Thanks everyone!

We've just given you 70 pages of feedback that you've pretty much totally - except one or two token gestures - thrown back in our face and said "we don't care, like it or lump it".

And if you genuinely wanted Conquest to be fun 5.8 would've been binned BEFORE it went live.

You keep "talking that talk", but no one at Bioware seems even slightly interested in "walking the walk".

Let me remind you of the impact of that arrogant attitude over the last few years:
2011: 200 Servers.
2018: 6 Servers.

All The Best

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03.22.2018 , 04:58 PM | #114
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthSpuds View Post
Yup, it's just like Command levels all over again - screw it up totally then spend 12 months pretending to half fix it.

Not good enough, not even close to the same galaxy as good enough.

All The Best
I thought the same thing. Look at all the things bioware has to "watch" before they will do anything. Look at the minor changes they are talking about making but have no idea when the can do it next week? Maybe. 5.9? Maybe... or just LATER... Wow!

It's just like the fiasco of galactic command and how slow that was to get even acceptable changes. It took months to a year or more jsut to be acceptable. Not great, just acceptable. I'm now sold bioware had a clue what they wanted to do with conquest and that joke of a post of "their thoughts" was about as shallow as the effort they put into the revamp. Maybe if they just keep watching....
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03.22.2018 , 05:00 PM | #115
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthSpuds View Post
We've just given you 70 pages of feedback that you've pretty much totally - except one or two token gestures - thrown back in our face and said "we don't care, like it or lump it".

And if you genuinely wanted Conquest to be fun 5.8 would've been binned BEFORE it went live.

You keep "talking that talk", but no one at Bioware seems even slightly interested in "walking the walk".

Let me remind you of the impact of that arrogant attitude over the last few years:
2011: 200 Servers.
2017: 6 Servers.

All The Best
All of the above, really. There is nothing more to say. Repeating suggestions that are being ignored anyway is a waste of time.

IshtarScorpio's Avatar

03.22.2018 , 05:00 PM | #116
Quote: Originally Posted by Darkaram View Post
No icon = once per legacy per week.

Blue icon = Once per day per character, not counting bugs that allow a few of them to be completed multiple times.
Except that ism't how they work. For example, Ilum heroics are once per day (even though they are once a week). If you complete it on one toon, you can not run it on any other toon for that day, so the max number of Ilum heroics you can do in a conquest week and get points for is 6.

They need to show if a daily is a legacy wide or toon by toon restriction, which they currently don't

It also seems like some dailies are on 4 hour limits (like invasion forces). Not sure if this is a bug or how it is supposed to be working. Also, sometimes I can repeat on other toons, sometimes it block legacy wide.

It would have helped to have a full description of what was supposed to be happening so we can make plans as to how to conquest, and know if something is bugged so we can report it.

Finally, the "fix" for allowing alts to get conquest is a joke with the low point rewards.
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ptwonline's Avatar

03.22.2018 , 05:02 PM | #117
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Objectives and their points Ė Conquests are meant to be an activity that someone can work on throughout the week as they play the game. Previously, Conquests were very homogenized in that there was very little diversity among each week. We used this opportunity to spread out what objectives were available in each Conquest.

Please, don't try to force players into activities they dislike. You say the activities were too homogenized. I say they weren't homogenized enough. But there was often enough for people to do what they liked--Ops, Heroics, PvP, Flashpoints, GSF--to make their goals. If you try to force PvPers to run flashpoints or PvE'ers to PvP or solo players to run Ops, you're going to lose them for good.

Options are GOOD. Letting people do what they like is GOOD. If you want to give different weeks/invasions flavor, make bonuses for doing those activities, or add very specific activities in addition to the more generic ones. But leave the other options in place and let them be repeatable.

As for guild size and planet invasion size, unless you start giving away very valuable things (CM Crates for example) then the rewards will make almost no difference to them. They will still go after planets based on what specific planets they want to win. Big guilds will always have new players missing a planet here or there, and so that is what they will go after. The only real cure for this--unless you want something radical which I am happy to suggest--is to make more planets available each week, allowing more winners, and eventually fewer guilds making all-out efforts to win a planet thus giving someone else a chance.

As for crafting: yes, it was too dominant, but only on weeks where it was repeatable. But what these weeks did was allow even very small guilds to have a chance to win with enough preparation, especially because Total Galactic War had so many planets. In fact, I say that it didn't go far enough: EVERY SINGLE PLANET should be available in Total Galactic War, and with reasonable, repeatable crafting, thus giving every guild a chance to win every planet if they are dedicated enough. That wasn't the case in the old system, and it laughably impossible even with your suggested revisions to the new conquest. This is discouraging, and makes Conquest seem a lot more pointless with the Galactic Conqueror title/achievements out of reach. Players will either give up on their guilds and slink away to join the giants, or give up on their guilds and the game altogether.

Alas, I predict that it will be very similar to Command XP: you'll tweak and adjust and a year from now you'll have a system very much like the old system, only more clumsy.

Exly's Avatar

03.22.2018 , 05:03 PM | #118
Quote: Originally Posted by TUXs View Post
Get these added back in and you can take the rest of 2018 to fix the rest for all I care.
At the current point value, I doubt these will amount to much. With these I might be able to get alts to 5 or 10k points if I really work at it, but what good does that do.

Having more repeatable content is a start, but the points for completing each objective are too small to amount to much of anything, and will make conquest a grind pure and simple.

What they are doing here by only addressing half of the problem is like putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound.

They need to do more.

BRKMSN's Avatar

03.22.2018 , 05:05 PM | #119
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post

Crafting Changes Too Harsh
Crafting in Conquests was just too good prior to 5.8. There is a feeling though that we cut a bit too deep on its overall impact to Conquests. The War Supply schematics were combined which made them harder to craft, and their point contribution went down, even with the added functionality of being able to consume them.
Plan: We are going to give it some time and monitor the impact of these changes, and then we will make any needed adjustments in 5.9 or beyond.
I understand the reason for the change, but not the amounts. Prior to the change, you might have to combine 4, 6, or 8 Components, grafts, or whatever to get 1 war supply item. If we are going to combine all the tiers for 1 war supply, there is no reason to require a higher amount of the low tier items. All the amounts should be equal (each tier should be 4)

Even then, I doubt crafting for conquest points will be very appealing to me anymore. It was in the old system, but not so much at this rate.

On a related note, having 8 companions at level 50 was good for the old system, but if there isn't much reason to craft more than 1 item a day for conquest, you can just use a low level comp. That means less effective credit sinks in the game as well.

ThunderWalker's Avatar

03.22.2018 , 05:08 PM | #120

Hey Eric,
I think that we as players have had enough of the Dev's ********.
Time to call this what it is. You guys are murdering the game to get out of working with it since EA and your corporate overlords have been basically stripping you guys of budget / resources / and more.
YOU COULD HAVE PUT ALL OF THIS ON THE TEST SERVER and got the feedback beforehand,you didn't. That tells me that you didn't want us to know until you patched it in because you KNEW it was hot garbage.
No. I'm done listening to you drivel on about listening to us for feedback and such.

I've turned off my sub, I'm walking away.

Peace out.