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Swoop Rally PTS Feedback

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Firelieutenant's Avatar

05.18.2020 , 06:51 AM | #61
Love the changes! Speed feels much better, the trap effect changes are good too, I hated being slowed down for so long. It still doesnít feel like the old kotor swoop races but itís still pretty good. I agree a timer would be cool with a leaderboard for the day of fastest times. Iím not sure if that could be done but at the same time, all war zones end at the same time so synchronized times shouldnít be too hard to achieve. Even if it just reports your time that would be cool.

winterelegy's Avatar

05.18.2020 , 04:43 PM | #62
Liking the changes so far, definitely a big improvement. Really glad you changed up the quickbar and moved the dismount button. A couple ideas and issues:

- The speed is pretty good now, especially the Razor, and I like all the speed boosts but I wouldn't mind all the bikes going a little faster to really make it feel like an exhilarating race
- I like all 3 of the courses, Onderon is a little confusing but the others are solid. I like that there are red enemies nearby that you can run into. I also like that you can walk onto the track and possibly be in danger (would be cool to take damage from being hit by a bike lol)
- I definitely second any ideas about having leaderboards, etc. I'd like to see an competitive aspect and race against others (or at least people in your group - maybe you can, haven't tried)

- At least on the Razor bike the brake icon doesn't light up to show it's engaged. Maybe because I hit the brake before the race started? Was very confused why the bike was going so slow!
- When the race first starts it seems like there is a tiny bit of lag before your bike starts going and it feels clunky, would like a smoother start.
- Onderon course has a couple confusing parts; would really like more arrows to show the way, especially at the end to point you around the curve and maybe get rid of the hole in the walls that puts you back at the beginning so you can miss the exit and basically have to do the whole course again
- Also in Onderon I hate that the spike traps completely stop you, it makes the race kinda clunky. I don't think anything should stop you completely, but rather they should just slow you- would make the race more fluid.
- At least on PTS, Tatooine takes FOREVER to load now, like 3-4x the normal time. I know it's a huge planet and maybe that's just how it is, but it's pretty significant. The other two planets load in the same amount of time as usual.

merovejec's Avatar

05.19.2020 , 02:43 PM | #63
Its nice, but I would have welcomed something instanced or a full new game mode like GSF.
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05.19.2020 , 06:37 PM | #64
Hello Devs!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to post feedback on the new swoop event. I just finished doing the full circuit for all three teams on all 3 planets and I would like to share with you my suggestions and overall impressions.

1) New, signature racer designs for each team.

I think it would be a great idea to design new, exclusive mounts specific to each team and then make these mounts purchasable as a reputation reward. It would add extra incentive and satisfaction for players to earn these exclusive, team-specific swoop bike mounts. It would also be nice to see them with appropriate paint jobs including flashy racing trim, vibrant colors and sponsor decals. I haven't recognized the Blatant Bek design before, so that may be new, but I know the mounts for the other teams are old designs so I think it would be a good opportunity to add some unique new designs that are specific to this event. One suggestion would be to design new speeder mounts influenced by the original KoTOR swoop bike mount. Again, these could have many paint job variations from something sleek and polished to a battered old jalopy.

2) Larger, more visible Course Timer.

The Course Timer should be made larger and more visible rather than remain tucked away in the mission tracker bar. Since this event is all about constant movement, it's difficult to read the objectives while in progress, especially if there are other missions already cluttering up the mission tracker. Maybe a new Swoop Race panel needs to be added to the Interface Editor or something. I just want a way to make my course timer and mission objectives easier to see while in progress.

3) Visible Track Borders

Adding more distinct, consistent track borders to the courses would achieve a couple of important things. Primarily, it would help players stay on course by adding some better definition to the track and assist in reading the terrain. Secondly, I think this would also increase the overall visual appeal to the courses and give it a more distinct race track aesthetic. These track borders could emulate something we might see in contemporary racing tracks, such as a black and white stripe pattern. The border could also be illuminated rails or ground lighting with a chasing light sequence that move in the direction the player is supposed to go, which might look cool.

4) Voice-Over Announcers

Similar to what we hear in PVP Huttball or Eternal Championship, I think it would add more fun and energy to hear an announcer's banter over a P.A. system whenever a player achieves a big jump or other noteworthy stunt along the course.

5) Better Visual Distinction for Objectives

Spectator stands, fireworks platforms, and explosive piles could benefit from more distinctive coloring to more easily recognize them on the course. Spectator stands can be easy to miss, while the fireworks and explosives look visually similar. Perhaps identifying these objectives may be part of the challenge, but to me it just bogs down the flow.

6) Improved Speeder Sound Design

I'm a big fan of Ben Burtt and the legendary sound design he achieved on Star Wars. Sound design is often the unsung hero of film, television and gaming, but its role is crucial in helping create a sense of authenticity and excitement. I feel the sound design for this event is a bit lackluster and could be improved by choosing more exciting and dynamic sounds. The default speeder engine does little to evoke any sense of speed, power or exhilaration. It sounds more like a family sedan that is just cruising to the supermarket. Changing the default speeder sound to something with more sonic intensity would help bolster the sensation of a high-speed swoop race. Additionally, the Speed Boost ability, and the Speed Boost pads on the track should also be assigned more exciting, high-speed sound effects.

As a reminder of what many fans love to experience, here is a YouTube link to one of Star Wars' greatest speeder bike sequences:

Just listen to the SOUNDS that make that sequence so exciting and thrilling to watch. It's a masterpiece of sound design. Use this as inspiration to infuse that sonic excitement into this event.

7) Overall Impression

My overall impression is that this is a perfectly fun and welcome addition to the event line-up. That said, I must express my disappointment this idea could not be expanded into a full-fledged swoop bike racing experience that many SWTOR fans have been wanting and requesting for years. Considering the technical achievement of GSF as a distinct, unique mini-game addition, I know many of us would have been thrilled to have a speeder mount racing equivalent, especially if it allowed players to select their favorite mounts from their Collections to use as a racer. I really do hope something like this could be achieved some day. It would be a blast.

Thanks for reading and I hope you consider my suggestions.

Xina_LA's Avatar

05.21.2020 , 06:01 AM | #65
I love the idea of a Voice-Over Announcers as long as the dialog is somewhat randomized and not repetitive.

I totally agree about the track being hard to follow, mostly on Onderon.

But the big takeaway for me was... wait, there's a course timer?
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Ronuspto's Avatar

05.23.2020 , 10:29 AM | #66
Were the Missions fun?
Very much so. I got a little turned around sometimes, and the path wasn't always clear, but I'm sure you noted that more we played, the more we'd learn the course, so ... that's part of the challenge.

Were the Missions the right length (not too long, not too short)?
The length was fine ... there's only so long you can have your eyes wide open and adrenaline pumping without a break, so ... the lengths were fine.

Were the objectives for each Mission clear?
That could use work. Maybe a cursor pass over an NPC near the bike would allow one to read the mission objective? Trying to make sense of what one has to do as they hit the line to start is difficult.

Which gang's Missions did you like the most? The least?
Horizon's was best once I knew where I was going. Bek had too many things to do at once: driving, selecting which shot to take at which set of explosives, avoiding traps ... that was stressful. Not bad, but ... that was the most challenging of the three because so many things had to happen at once. On the other hand, there are such challenges flying our ships in space battles, so ... it becomes a skill that needs to be honed.

Did each gang's objectives make the course feel a little different?

Were you able to easily stay on the course?
Stay on the course? Sure ... but sometimes if there was a glitch after being stuck, I was aimed the wrong way. For the Horizon race on Onderon, I kept going the wrong way and losing. I thought it was because I missed the time by one second, like, 10 times ... which technically it was, but I missed the time because I went the wrong way, which was never going to let me win.

Did you understand the bike abilities?
I learned, but at first you need to learn the course route. Someone else suggested, and I agree, that at least one practice run should be allowed so that at least one element of the race can not be new as soon as you make your first official attempt.

Did the speed of the bike feel good?
Horizon's speed was fine. The "boosts" weren't as effective as I'd like. I never had a Pod Racing feel. The sped could be increased, but ... maybe that could be for increase in experience levels. Win more, get more speed in later contests, could reset with each event or could become an "Ability" that you retain so that it starts off one rung below your skill so you ease into each event when it pops up again.

What did you enjoy the most? What did you dislike?
I liked the variety of philosophies: speed, tricks, explosions. I like that it exists. It's another way to see more of planets to which I'd really like more exposure. I look forward to the vendors and what could be offered by hanging around the areas. I did not like that the Horizon speed clock started before the countdown; didn't like that jumps could make the speeder hitch and snag you into repeating the last split second of landing, two or three times, before releasing you to continue the race; didn't like that if you dismounted mid course, you could have a devil of a time getting back to the starting area; didn't like that the goals/missions were given mere seconds before the race started with little time to process the information or strategize ...

Problems aside, it was fun and different ... hopefully there will be banners one can display in their strongholds or personnel who look like they are doing maintenance on vehicles so you can add them to your stronghold garage or putt-putting around your favorite vehicle. This was cool!

KeelStardax's Avatar

06.02.2020 , 07:52 AM | #67
Were the Missions fun? >
The missions were very fun! I nice change to the norm of swtor.

Were the Missions the right length (not too long, not too short)? >
Missions are the right amount. The course could be a little bit longer in length but otherwise very doable.

Were the objectives for each Mission clear? >
Objective were clear and easily understood.

Which gang's Missions did you like the most? The least? >
The one I enjoyed the most was hosted by theTrandoshan.
Second enjoyable lead by the Rodian.
Less enjoyed the third gang. There were a few too many bonus objectives with the fireworks and bombs. It could work better with less number to gain throughout each course as it can be difficult to navigate and deploy fireworks/bombs.

Did each gang's objectives make the course feel a little different? >

Were you able to easily stay on the course? >
There were a few times I lost my way due to how some of the ramps are laid out otherwise after a few runs they can be maneuvered.

Did you understand the bike abilities? >
Took a few attempt but I got there in the end.

Did the speed of the bike feel good? >
Speed was pretty good. Boost could be a little bit more powerful.

What did you enjoy the most? What did you dislike? >
Overall I enjoyed the event. The Bekser gang? and there fireworks and bombs were the only struggle I had with the overall course. That one might need a little bit more fine tuning.
Looking forward to the vendor items. I'm guessing there will be some swoops to buy with the credits earned!
Maybe some decorations or legacy bound team uniform armor sets??

Update: Please move dismount location for Beks swoop. During race time I've managed to click dismount by mistake many times. Left rerunning the race...

Thanks for keeping SWTOR fun and updated!

reyonasi's Avatar

06.14.2020 , 08:10 AM | #68
Were the Missions fun?
I enjoyed them, yes. Always fun to have different events, especially ones that don't involve fighting.

Were the Missions the right length (not too long, not too short)?
Could have gone a little more, but I think if it was longer, the bonus would be too easy to get. Plus, since they are so short, it makes it easier to do more of them and not get burnt out.

Were the objectives for each Mission clear?
Objectives are clear, but how to use them isn't necessarily clear at first. Once I saw what to do, it was really simple. But for example, in the Beks race, wasn't sure when to activate fireworks or when to blow stuff up. Very simply once I realized which was what.
I did have trouble with the Pit Screamers. It's hard to tell where the flair stands are while you are racing, so I failed that once or twice.

Which gang's Missions did you like the most? The least?
I liked the razor course the best since it's pretty straightfoward and more of a race feel.
I did have some trouble with the Pit Screamers. I felt failing for one reason or another. First time, I couldn't tell when to do the flair. There's so much to focus on that it's a little distracting to be watching out for crowds. Then I guess I missed some major jumps. I guess I didn't realize that going on top of that builing is considered a "major jump". Maybe that can be made more clear. I just felt it was a lot to focus on in one race. Would have been better if the flair was used in a different race (like maybe the Beks course) because the hoops and jumps were enough to focus on in my opinion.

Did each gang's objectives make the course feel a little different?
Yes. They each have their own pros and cons and makes it interesting.

Were you able to easily stay on the course?
For the most part. First time I did the Beks' race, I got off course because I was so focused on blowing stuff up. But once I got the hang of it, had no problems- occasionally would veer off when using ramps, but if I pay attention, don't go of course.
Onderaan's courses seemed a little harder to stay on track. But I never went off. I just felt it wasn't as straight forward as Dantooine or Tatooine.

Did you understand the bike abilities?
Yes, it's pretty straight forward.

Did the speed of the bike feel good?
Felt a little slow, but at the same time, was nice to not feel out of control since you are sometimes multitasking. If it was a straight race, would feel boring. But because you are doing other things, it was fine and made it so you're not going off course.

What did you enjoy the most? What did you dislike?
Not much tutorial in it, so I felt like my first race was just making stuff up to figure out what was what. As I said, simple once you have it. But could have used some visuals or something to point out the difference between when to use the fireworks vs. explosives, and also make it clearer where the flair stands are.

I like the different gangs and how they each have their own personalities and objectives. Makes it interesting to try and decide who you might want to side with and impress the most. Nice to have something to do that is not strictly combat. Really shakes things up! Can't wait for it to go live!