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A theory about decorations! (I promise im not mad)

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A theory about decorations! (I promise im not mad)

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08.20.2014 , 03:53 AM | #1
So, after the release of Galactic Strongholds and Guild ships, I went around and farmed a boat load of decorations.

Then I came to the Boarding Party decoration: Computer Desk (Republic)

So far I have done the FP 13 times, these are the results.

First run through: Kill final boss, drops the Decoration. Yippee.

Spamming the FP, ignoring mobs and only killing bosses, nothing.

Decide to do the Bonus Boss of the Flashpoint.

Kill him. The Decoration drops, first time.

Since then no more decorations have dropped.

Now im questioning whether or not there is only a certain number of times a single player can drop these items. But without any alts high enough I can't properly test this theory. If there are any High Level Imps, I recommend trying Boarding Party and posting your results. (Note, from 3rd hand experience Both of them will not drop it in the same run, it has to be done twice.)

Please come back with your results.

Once again, Im not mad. I promise.