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Not worth our time.

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10.24.2020 , 06:05 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by iowaboynca View Post
i for one appreciate that Fez Burba was brought back....sort of.
I do like him, he's one of these funny little characters that pop up in interesting ways
They are so busy being non conformists, they are actually becoming more of a conformist , than conformists are {stupid is a hard barrier} Fun SWTOR Video
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10.24.2020 , 01:42 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkTergon View Post
I do like him, he's one of these funny little characters that pop up in interesting ways
He's back? For the event? Damn now I have to do it.

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10.24.2020 , 02:31 PM | #23
Fez Burba alone without his droid assistant?
Recently found it there in the sands of Jundland.
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10.24.2020 , 03:53 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkTergon View Post
No, not always, if you watch the market, you will see stuff that costs more on the CM, but selling for little or nothing nothing on the gtn, and vice versa. Stuff on the CM that is cheap, can go for loads. Basically, it's all about knowing the market.
We're not talking about a direct link between a CC price and a credit price on the GTN. I know that it differs wildly. It's the overall pricing in the CM. And the more expensive the CC cost, the higher return a person seeks, doesn't mean they'll get it of course. You forget that only a handful of people have the interest in "knowing the market". You're a power trader. You know what's up but that's not most people. And even though there are few items that you consider cheap doesn't make it so. I mean what is cheap to you? 100 CC or 600 CC or 1000 CC? When does it get to be expensive in your eyes.
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkTergon View Post
Have to disagree with this, I think most GTN traders started out by buying a few bit, selling, and increasing, also helps, being a sub for so long, with a security key, and people who click the ref link.
You may think that but I think you overestimate the number of players that have that going on. There are not that many.
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkTergon View Post
100 m is still a lot, it doesn't drive anyone to buy cm stuff to sell..etx. People can do it from other ways. It is faster, but if you're a sub, you get the free CC's and if you are smart, you can make them grow
Stop saying that about a sub. It's 500CC a month, 600 with SK. That's a pittance. You have the view of someone that is money savvy and assumes that most people are like that. I'm telling you most people are not. Look around in the real world. Most people want to play the game and enjoy it. For most that doesn't include collecting credits but playing the game, gearing up, beating challenging fights, enjoy the stories and cosmetics. 100M is easily spent in the current gearing with augments and amplifiers and such. Maybe you don't do that but since 6.0 gearing has become a helluva lot more expensive in credit cost. Crafting also is much more expensive. In short, playing certain aspects of the game have a MUCH higher credit cost to them and the people who partake in that do spend a lot more credits than before. And then 100M is really not that much. Maybe you don't raid or do ranked or care about gearing, but others do.

My view is that making money via the GTN can be done by anyone but not by everyone. If people buy too many CM items it will flood the GTN and therefore prices will drop. If you do it via crafting, then not too many people have to craft or the GTN gets flooded with craftables. That's why crafting became a lot more expensive so that people who do invest into crafting can still make money with it. But it is prohibitive for people who do crafting just to be self-sufficient for example. And if you're a power trader, not too many people have to do that either or it won't work.

It's a simple thing, anyone can do any of those long as not too many people do it.
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10.24.2020 , 09:15 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by AnubisDRH View Post
After playing this game in beta and having such hopes, yet again Bio Ware proves they really are EA.
The new skins are nice but the price is nothing more then gouging!!! Months of no new content and when you FINALLY put something out there...........I am a waiter??? REALLY???

Me: I played Star Wars The Old Republic today.

Friend: Was it fun?

Me: Yeah I waited on 500 tables and got ALL of their orders right!

Friend:........Star Wars has really changed!!! Did you use the force?

Me: No but they want to "force" me to pay for this new skin that cost me more then my car payment.

Friend: So let me get this straight..... You played Star Wars to become a waiter and on top of that they charge you a ridiculous amount of money for a simple skin??

Me: Yeah, time to go find a real game that gives a crap about it's fan base.

Insulting at best. My whole family is uninstalling now. Worthless!!!! Greed!!! Ignorance!!!
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