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Introducing Parsec - a new raid aware real time combat log parser

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Introducing Parsec - a new raid aware real time combat log parser

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02.09.2015 , 01:11 PM | #311
I used to be able to run parsec but Norton recently told me it was malware and I've been unable to run it since (including after uninstalling/reinstalling and telling Norton to allow it). At one point it ran just after I installed it, but it didn't let me open it again a few days later. Any idea how I might fix that?
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02.22.2015 , 05:41 AM | #312
What'd be awesome would be if there would be a pop out implemented that helps merc healers keep track of their kolto shell. Nothing over the top just something like:

Player - 5 - 1:30
(name)(stacks)(time remaining)

Would be so much easier as opposed to having to select each player to see whether they have it.
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05.07.2015 , 05:46 PM | #313
Looking at the Parsec page on codeplex I see that Parsec is open source. I've programmed professionally a while now but never any GUI work much less windows.

What is required if I want to compile Parsec myself? Do I need to by some particular Windows SDK?

I've written some small combat log parsing programs of my own but no GUI (text report only). I'd love to be able to leverage the Parsec GUI to add more stats that I'm interested in. It would also be nice to add things like sort by column to the DPS window.

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