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Consolidated Post: APAC/Oceanic Server Concerns

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Consolidated Post: APAC/Oceanic Server Concerns
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03.26.2013 , 05:30 AM | #3671
Quote: Originally Posted by HBMalachorfive View Post
Well seeing this has sealed the fate of this game for me. If it does indeed go ahead as they plan it too then its goodbye sub. I understand why BW has gone this way and I also understand that BW are pretty much the only MMO that still have APAC servers but keeping the customers happy should be a higher priority on their list. Unfortunately they constantly seem to let us down with either content, patch timings and now this. I have enjoyed my time playing but if this does go ahead i'll be off to TESO...
you do realize that TESO will probably not have APAC servers and it being so FPS oriented the ping from aussie land will make the game nigh unplayable.

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03.26.2013 , 05:30 AM | #3672
Vote with your wallets! Unsubbing speaks louder than any forum post can!


03.26.2013 , 05:31 AM | #3673
^agreed ^

Why have they not designed a cross server game-play style that WoW provides.....REALITY..... because they are not willing to spend the money to invest in this, as our concerns as APAC subscribers mean nothing to them. WE ARE A MINORITY.

(WoW did this and surprise, surprise...... the game began to succeed with faster queue times, a higher population growth of happier gamers and eventually a dedicated Australian server was also formed. You think for a game that had millions spent on it, and for it to compete with the biggest MMO, Bioware and EA would have had this covered to help population issues among servers.... )

I came from Harbinger like many of us Aussies did. I am getting 75-129mms on Dalborra atm and I dread to think what it will be on Harbinger upon transfer. Won't lag times increase even more when they shift everyone over there? Do people forget when you had to line in a queue of 200ppl for 30mins on a weekend to simply log in????

Looks like my assassin will now be turning into a rogue.....can't believe I never rolled one before when I played.

Check it b4 they wreck it...

'It's like paying money for a freshly cooked steak. Then a year and a bit later they start serving you 3 day old 'lag steak' for the same price.'

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03.26.2013 , 05:31 AM | #3674
Quote: Originally Posted by Dirtyshadow View Post
Thats the thing... one round of mass media campaigns in Sydney and Melbourne selling SWTOR as "the only Mass Multiplayer Role Playing Game with servers in Sydney, no more pacific ocean lag" should of/would be enough to increase sales. Nope, the one thing they have over and above any MMO in the Australia and they dont mention it. Now they taking that one epic sales point away...

... there marketing department SUCKS!!! I seen more advertisement for a B grade romantic comedy that flop at the box office than I do for A grade quality games in this country. Thats sickening.

Seriously EA, try actually selling games for once!!!
Things that have been better advertised than swtor -
toenail fungus cream
microsoft paperclip guy
standing on Lego

Please feel free to add more to the list. They are going to shut down our servers we may as well have a little fun first.
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03.26.2013 , 05:32 AM | #3675
The amount of damage you have caused to your company today with the thoughtless announcement of the APAC server demise is unfathomable.

This situation as a whole is due to one wrong decision after another. The amount of mistakes Bioware have made during the life of this game in Australia is staggering as you will find through my fellow APAC posts.

The decision for a server merge should have happened 6 months ago with the ability to transfer to and from the new APAC super server if you wanted to play on PVP/RP. In our opinion this is still not out of the question. Bioware seem to think 150 people on fleet is unplayable, its a lot better than 30 and to have our beautiful ping remain would see a lot of players re sub as well as people return from US servers.

I would have also thought the process to be quick and painless if you were going to commit to such a huge decision. NO ETA is worse than telling us this news and should have been delayed until you had specifics. It should be planned to coincide with the new expansion so we level with those we will be joining.

Also more people would have been more understanding if this was announced as a financial decision if these servers were not longer viable (If we had been merged 6 months ago and super server failed not as many would be heartbroken). Very little effort has been put into this decision and those responsible should no longer hold that position in decision making. I will be actively attempting to find and talk to those that can actually make sure BIOWARE NEVER treat a paying customer like this again.

I am thinking maybe less than half the APAC server population will survive this transfer.

I will salute those who stuck it out in the tough times on the APAC servers.

Good luck to those who have moved already, those that moved on and those I still battle with.

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03.26.2013 , 05:32 AM | #3676
Quote: Originally Posted by ulantees View Post
i am so disappointed, but shamefully not surprised, by this loathesome, cretinous choice of action by bioware aka ea's cash pinata. It was overwhelmingly obvious to even the most casual of observers that combining all the servers into one australian located pve server was by far the most popular choice. Merging the populations into seperate us based servers does not solve the problem of not having people to play with, because the vast majority of natives of the destination server will not be online during our prime playtimes. You've essentially turned our populations into graveyard shifts in the interests of shedding the maximum possible amount of financial outlay, rather than listening to the people who have continued to support you through the toughest times. A loyal community whom you supposedly "surveyed and researched" but chose to ignore, making this joke of a penny pinching choice over choosing to find a balanced and mutually beneficial result for people whose playtime actually occurs at a mutual time. The only thing that apac players stand to gain from this horrendously woeful idea is an extra 100-200 latency. We will not have more people to play with, as the majority of our new "community" simply will not be online at the same time as us.

For our unwavering loyalty to you through all these hard times, we apac players deserved better from you bioware. But who gives a **** right? You already have our cash and pre-orders for the xpack right? Bioware seriously sucks.
this ^^
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03.26.2013 , 05:35 AM | #3677
Fair enough there are population problems, however that can be solved by proper advertising in Australia. Any onto what I want to say, by moving the APAC servers you are offering a inferior product (higher latency times, incredibly different time zones) whilst keeping the price the same for subs. I am a sub and I am disgusted by the behavior here. We were promised APAC servers and we got them. I can't tell you how glad I was for that as the latency in the American Servers made PVP nearly impossible at times. Bioware and EA, I am extremely disappointed that my continued belief in Star Wars the Old Republic has been misplaced, I for one will not pay the same price for a inferior product, and I may even decide to simply quit the game entirely. And from the forums that seems to be the opinion of the majority of APAC players. I bid you adieu Star Wars the Old Republic, it was fun however it isn't you or even me... its your parents.

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03.26.2013 , 05:35 AM | #3678
Thanks for string us along, money hungry ***** and a big **** YOU from APAC. Wouldn't mind a refund on RotHC either.
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Unsubscribed 26-03-2013 in Protest to APAC server closure.
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03.26.2013 , 05:41 AM | #3679
The straw that broke the cammels back.

Goodbye TEHEE, NS, SNX, Synergy, Reverence, ROTJ, WOTR, Corvus, Vindication, Excession, ALBG, Autobots and SPC just to name a few dalborra guilds.

A big goodbye to IZO, SPK, Katarn, Lims, Lajeer, Vesia, Ero, Aspect, Nash and MJ'Rat.

I will miss out tripple threat commando troll in PVP and our little "Redemption are scrubs" digs with A Little Bit Gimp. I enjoyed my time in Redemption but this APAC decision is the straw the broke the cammels back.

I missed the Dalborra community playing on Khaz'goroth WOW server and will miss them again.


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03.26.2013 , 05:42 AM | #3680
For RotHC refunds, create an in-game ticket from the support menu, stating that we were sold the expansion in poor faith given Bioware's internal knowledge of likely off-shore server merging.
Be polite, and word it as well as you can and you will stand a much better chance.