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How would you have returned companions?

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How would you have returned companions?

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08.29.2018 , 04:14 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthDymond View Post
Major plot point of KotET: "We need to go to Nathema to stop Vaylin."
Plot point from the Revan novel: "Nathema's location was hidden, but Lord Scourge knows where it is."

Endgame of KotET: "Destroy the Emperor, once and for all."
Lord Scourge's main motivation: "Stop the Emperor."

... yeah, seems like there was a bit of a missed opportunity there.

Since Kira's backstory is also so intimately tied to the Emperor, and she and Scourge worked together as companions of the Jedi Knight, I would have had them together in a "clenched-teeth teamwork" situation working against the Emperor, and the Alliance finds them to get Nathema's location.
Also at the end of the Jedi Knight story Scourge says he will stay with you until he is sure the Emperor is no more. Well, the emperor is gone so hopefully they come up with a good reason for Scourge to stay around. He said he will never be anything but Sith and I don't see him willingly want to follow the republic or a LS jedi anymore. I guess we will see what interesting (if any) story they come up with concerning him. But I do agree with you that bringing them in for Nathema would have been ideal. I also think they should have brought Ilresso in at that time for us to rescue from there.
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