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Fix matchmaking

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02.14.2018 , 11:45 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by Kazz_Devlin View Post
I agree with skank tanks being op but I would go further and state a Tank shouldn't put out any DPS at all. They should have been a support role. Whats mind boggling is that as far as the Jedi/Sith side of it there was cannon to support it Battle meditations though the same premise could have been added for BH just change nomenclature. Basically they either channel buffs/debuffs Give them barrier and remove from sorc with caveat that it mitigates a % of dmg but what gets through has potential to push back channeled buffs. Could do alot with utilities like multiple channeled buffs/debuffs , reduced pushback, locked channels, channel mobility, cloaking etc etc . Since people enjoy the challenge of playing a medic I'm pretty sure peeps would enjoy the challenge this presented. Plus they would be sought after.
As for the healers specially sorc the may not be at top of leader boards but the current meta is that most sorcs are running as heals because it requires at least 2 to take them down due to there insane mobility and when you finally do manage to lock one down they phase walk or pop bubble then heal to full wash rinse repeat. Frankly this is just ridiculous. Heals should only ever be able to stall for a short time before being brought down not run all over the map kiting all day long and when your about to die pop god bubble. Frankly heals shouldn't even have a god bubble. It falls in line with same idea I mention with being OP people flock to the I win class and while you may not do a whole lot of DPS as heals when the majority of the team is heals makes it pretty hard to actually win especially thanks to biofails epic failure of a que system which will actually que 3-4 sorc heals on one team and and 0-1 on the other.
The main problem with changing tanks to passive defenders and making healers mere "death stallers" is that any other aspect of the game beside PVP isn't build for such system. They would need to remake all PVE content and even some of the stats and utilities if they wanted that to work. In other words, they would need to start the game over. What we get is to play PVP with roles that function in PVE as well. Can't ask for this changed, but CAN ask for each role being less good at doing anything else (in other words: nerf skank damage or anyhow make skank NOT worth using).

Just a little idea for nerfing skanks that just came up in my mind: currently using tank stance gives you +15% shield chance. What if it didn't? What if it just made all "shield chance" be more effective? That would mean that tanks who use tank stats feel no change, but skanks have 5% shield just like a DPS with a shield. I know it would alter the balance of gearing, but I am willing to pay this cost and craft different enhancements if it helps break all the skanking...

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02.14.2018 , 01:07 PM | #42

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04.02.2018 , 08:43 AM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by VaeVictis View Post
Also queues nekkid and puts on BiS after joining WZ. I mean if I know I'm going to be punished with inferior teammates because I took the time to gear up...
Just wanted to add that for reasons like these, balancing around gear cannot be done from equipped gear. It has to in that case go after an ilvl average of the highest ilvl gear for each slot found in the character's possession, including banks. (Like in WoW, but it would be more complex here.)

Moddable slots would have to be determined by armourings (and equippable hilts/barrels), but not all armourings are slot-bound, so it would have to pick out the highest ilvl armourings in possession. Then it would have to monitor all mods and enhancements and pick out the highest sets of those, but due to bolster, it would have to ignore any that are higher ilvl than are the corresponding amount of armourings (if I have understood bolster correctly). Furthermore, some gear items of moddable slots are not moddable, so it would have to compare those with the rest of the mods too. Mail would have to be monitored as well, because one could send over legacy gear and wait for pop. Etc. This would be a (possibly hidden) stat calculated like the regular ilvl, but I'm not sure it would be worth the trouble. And this would hurt teams of players who have some higher ilvl gear items in their inventory but for whatever honest reason aren't using them. Still better than players queuing naked in equipped gear matchmaking though.

And yes probably most people are queuing to have a fair fight, but just having some to exploit the system would ruin it for the rest, and then matchmaking would be back to square one.

Equipped gear matchmaking would be so incredibly easy to exploit anyway that I think quite a few people would do it, and then "everyone" would start to do it, and then... well, what's the point.

I think it's best to just not try to matchmake around gear.

Anyway, I agree roles matchmaking is needed. (But I disagree that it needs to be cross-faction.)
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04.02.2018 , 10:01 AM | #44
People have been asking for match-maker for regs for years now. And I still agree it would be a healthy change for the better.

If the match maker cant get a balanced match-up in acceptable time due to not having enough equals quing at any one time, sure do a random matchup. But man, if there is already imp v imp 2H, 4 DD and 2T quing at the same time and get a reg arena... it shouldn't be hard to divide them 1-2-1 each team, right? Too many times I've seen 2h2t vs 4dd in one solo reg arena, and facepalmed my face off in frustration.
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04.02.2018 , 10:59 AM | #45
Quote: Originally Posted by Neulwen View Post
I think it's best to just not try to matchmake around gear.
All of the above is absolutely correct, and for that reason, I wrote: "prioritized by gear (or alternatively burstiness, M/R, defensives, stealth or whatever makes a DPS spec better than another DPS spec)". The gear method is indeed flawed, and better not be used, but take the same idea and replace the prioritization method and you got matchmaking.
My most favorable idea currently is to make it a secondary priority to balance the average win/loss rate of the groups. This way regardless of whenever is victory an indication of skill or luck, the people with a high victory rate will be teamed with the people with the lower victory rate on purpose, therefore, the statistical chances of the groups should be equal. Note this comes SECONDARY to role-based matchmaking, and once implemented the W/L rate better be considered 0 for everyone for starters, or else those who lost too much or won too much due to the outside factor of mismatching won't be counted in the newfound matchmade universe.
And if one would say "people will lose on purpose to get teamed with better players later", the means defeat the end. If you gotta lose in order to win later, you might as well just try to win now, and later worry about not losing.

Quote: Originally Posted by Neulwen View Post
Anyway, I agree roles matchmaking is needed. (But I disagree that it needs to be cross-faction.)
The problem is that without cross faction, role matchmaking loses its great advantages, which are: independence of population and lack of effect on the pop times. Without cross faction, if 4 rep healers and 1 imp healer are in queue, that means that the matchmaking will either compromise and let the reps win in that case (repeatedly, until some healers log in or out to and balance things), in which case the matchmaking failed. Or it will wait for additional players to enqueue and balance things out, which means dependency on the population, unfair queueing system (the DPS that log in the republic after the queue is held for 5 minutes will get an instant pop to join a match with 1 of the rep healers versus 1 of the imp healers, while 3 rep healers who have been there before must keep waiting), and increased pop times (until these people enqueue).
Without cross-faction, matchmaking can't always pick the top 16 from the queue, distribute them in a balanced way and set the match. This is why all the above drawbacks suddenly appear.

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04.05.2018 , 06:30 PM | #46
The problem is that this game does not have enough population to have any decent matchmaking. Bioware (EA) has already left that game to flies ... a total failure.
The basic fact is that we do not have a population like other mmos (WoW) ... well ... sad.
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