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[class balance] kill two birds with one stone

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[class balance] kill two birds with one stone

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10.05.2014 , 08:46 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by Qwurdilu View Post
I admit i got personal, so lets be constructive again pls.

I actually gave a reason, but ill try to explain it again since youre not familiar with ranked mechanics.
Madness is capable of doing so much dps on multiple targets, that in a ranked situation, you actually just chainmezz the healer until someone of the other team dies. No special hardswitches needed. Its enough to chainmezz healer, he wont be able to heal through.
This is a problem because it dumbs down the game. Chainmezz healer isnt much of teamwork. otherwise, you had to CC clever in order to kill someone, otherwise youd end up in acid. To put it simpel, its now a damge race instead of clever mechanic. This is not what rated should be, because it will allways favors one classes over others, because its doing slightly more dmg. Yes its my opinion, but for sure most of people playing ranked think so. You cant know. you dont play. So please listen.

Above is the same reason why i compare it with smash. Smash had the same issue in ranked, you just werent able to heal against it. Smash didnt need clever cc it just killed the group via damage. Thats what madness does. Thats why most ranked players call madness derp. Its just so ridicolous easy. Chainmezz healer and youre done.

A fact is, by making dots cleansable we wont go back to the old days, because more damage was never what this class lacked. Sages were still bad after dots beeing made uncleansable and only got viable when the really good changes for survival were intrudced. 30% reduction when stunned, rootbreaking sprint, 8%healbuff, heal off gcd, 20% armor. those are actually the changes which improved this class for ranked.
Damage was never the problem, even when dots were cleansable, survivability was.
The problem with cleansing is, that people in forums overestimate the use of it very much and whine a lot about it. But in 99% their class has other problems. Snipers dot were and are cleansable and its still viable in ranked dmg. wise. so?

I can promise that madness will still be very viable for ranked dmg wise, even if those dots are cleansable.

1.) You cant cleanse the moment the dot is applied. on average 20%-50% go through before you can cleanse
2.) Its very rare you cleanse 2 dots an once. Its more like 1 dot, 1 slow/snare whatver. (play op heal and cleanse sniperdots, youll notice) Its not rare you dont even cleanse any dot at all because theyre protectet by multiple slows.
3.) cleanse costs a gcd which could be used for something else. This is the most important point.
cleanse cant negate damage, look at it as a heal. if we do so we need to evaluate how much you can heal with it.
If you take point 1&2 into account you would gimp yourself healing wise if you cleanse 1 affliction. The otherwise dealt damage would be less than what you could otherwise withing a gcd. Making only affliction cleansable isnt buff.

given you can only remove two effects at a time, it is totally impossible to cleanse every e.g. every crushing darkness you want. And this is why its totally untrue to say cleanse negates all dmg. and its also the reason why making it uncleansable wasnt the buff the class needed. Thats why they worked on other things than dots lately.

To be honest, i highly doubt that even with all dots cleansable, sorc couldnt heal through doublemadness given all the circumstances cleanse has.
op heal excells at healing double cleave comps, but even he cant heal double madness. I highly doubt sorc could, even with cleanse.

so what do we have now:
Madness dealing too much dmg.
Sorc heal beeing vastly underpowered vs double cleave comp.

Why not kill two birds with one stone?

Stop everestimate the "loss" of dmg through cleanse. Just because its not on the scoreboard, doesnt mean the pressure isnt real.

just so you know, i have a shadow, assa and sage and this is not whining, its trying to bring in constructive ideas. i hope that you, as a class rep, take a deeper look into the cause and not cancel every argument by claiming cleanse would be too strong without having proof.

Thank you.
Comparing it to smash is ridiculous. Talk about hyperbole.