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Sorc Madness Gear Help.

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Sorc Madness Gear Help.

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10.03.2014 , 06:48 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Evilgox View Post
So what I basically did was get rid of 2 enhancements that I had with Alacrity and swap them for Surge.

Now my stats look like this

Willpower 3092
Power 893
Crit Rating 163
Surge Rating 720
Alacrity 0

You mention I should easily be at 1000 power so I'm not sure where I'm missing that extra 100+.

You were correct to get rid of the alacrity enhancements

Fully buffed my Crit Chance stands at 24.33% and my Crit Mult at 77.01% which seems a bit high.
Depending on which implants, ear you chose and wether you are using pvp weapons or PVE... Will determine how much surge and power you have... Also what mix of augments you have will determine your power and Crit... Ie willpower boosts your Crit... So you can use a power enhancement instead of a Crit one... Or I equip a few power augments... Only a few pieces of my gear has the same mods or enhancements they came with... I also swap out some of the mods to the one that has power and will nearly the same...

Best thing to do is to go to the bolster terminal to test it

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