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Unranked pre made spawn camping

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Unranked pre made spawn camping

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10.06.2014 , 02:25 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by keitzy View Post
Look I know I am going to cop some **** about this but it's just pathetic, I see the good players that don't spawn camp and push objectives but since conquest has come in I have been seeing a lot of scrub teams spawn camping ignoring the objectives and killing us as we come out of spawn.

Please remove pre mades from unranked and solo from ranked, it's makes so much sense, this forces those who want to group up into ranked and those who solo into unranked.

This is to stop farming of a team by well geared pre mades who just want to smash noobs because they have no skill. Unranked is for gearing to get into ranked.

PVPs cry about wanting more people involved with PVP then why not allow only those who want to gear into unranked by allowing only solo players only in unranked.
My favorite moment in huttball is when I am op healing a marauder and sin. Then we farm your entire team as they come out because you cant kill two or three people who are kicking the **** out of your healers, while healing through your attempts at tickling the two DPS I am healing.

Premades arent ruining PVP. What is ruining PVP is people who cry about everything being unfair when you get rolled but proceed to say "NAW STAHP CRYING!!" when you are on the winning team. We have all been face-rolled and we have all face-rolled. You cannot tell me you have never spawn camped Novare or Civil in a complete pug group before. If you can, dont talk until you do at least 1k matches and have the achievement to prove it. The constant crying about every loss or how every class is better. Or how you cant solo 8 people with your specific class is getting annoying.
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