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Feedback: Ossus Daily Missions

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Feedback: Ossus Daily Missions
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01.10.2019 , 02:27 PM | #171


I have done 1/2 of them and have had to look up fraking 3 of them already due to some form of ********.

- Scrapyard: failing over 9 straight times and additional 10 times just trying to finish the last 3.
- Mutated geno captains: Oh, you literally want me to assist ....., because there was LITERALLY NOTHING ATTACKING THEM. THANKS for having me run around.
- Scan the array.... oh...its a just a tiny bit showing over the mountain. MUCH ENJOYED.
- Killed named npc. Oh joy, more wait and possibly waiting more if people hit it first. THANK YOU AGAIN.

Honestly, what else can I expect then same old decade MMO BS from a F2P that can only manage to barely do content. Shove your crappy daily designs up your *****