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Companions & Stealth

LordFell's Avatar

10.11.2017 , 08:19 PM | #1
Writing from the perspective of a Scrapper.

I'm having some problems with how Stealth works with this character.

....first is the Bug. Ongoing bug where when you Vanish, your companion might not vanish properly, and still be in combat, and force YOU to still be in combat, making this super valuable utility virtually useless. Just seems to be some lag, so that your companion may still attack, or might still be attacked AFTER you drop the vanish ability. This is aggravating, fix it.

The other thing is.... the whole point of a Stealth Class is you want to slip in behind a target, and set up your huge, "from stealth" burst. When the enemy is kinda normal, then it dies right away. If it's a Champion enemy or a Boss, this becomes problematic... because your big initial burst generates so much threat that a Tank Companion generally can't take the Threat off you, or not for quite some time.

I would like... if this could be done... for it to be possible for us to tell our Companion to attack a target, causing our companion to leave stealth... without, also, causing us to leave stealth (which, I mean, considering the bug that lets our companion be non-stealthed when they SHOULD be stealthed, why not?). This would let us start our Tank companions on an enemy, while moving in for the Stealth burst.

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11.20.2017 , 05:48 PM | #2
Often when a companion fails to stealth it's because they have a dot on them. Keep an eye on their debufs before stealthing.

Your companion should use it's taunt soon into it's opener. Usually it's too soon though and 6 seconds later the mob will be back on you. If you want you can disable the skills and click them manually as needed. I'd also recommend using one of the 2 saber melee companions for tanks. They generate more threat so they can hold agro longer, you may still need a taunt after your opener though.
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