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Lacerating Blast spreads Vital Shot not always (Ruffian)

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Lacerating Blast spreads Vital Shot not always (Ruffian)

DDaMAGEr's Avatar

09.15.2017 , 01:54 AM | #1
Sometimes when enemies are far away from eachother, but still fall under one Lacerating Blast, and one of them has Vital Shot - VS doesn't spread to another one. l believe that happens because it invokes Projectile, that has its Travel Speed. So when there pretty much time passed between LB touches first target, and second one - PC just forgets that it should spread DoT.
lmperial Version invokes projectiles as well, so l guess it might have same issue. So mah suggestion is - make it instant hit finally, like any other normal AoE.

Also l want someone check lncendiary Missile spread with Searing Wave (Powertech), because it throws yellow number with delay, although Jedipedia says it's actually instahit, so shouldn't miss DoT spreading, but checking wouldn't be excess.