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Chatos Paladins recruiting again

KarethRiker's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 03:31 PM | #1
The Chatos Paladins are recruiting again for end game raiders on primarily the Pub side. We'll consider any class and role for players in partial Black Hole or better. We recently started raiding twice a week on Imp side so want to increase our Pub roster so we can get more raids going. Prior to starting our Imp guild we did a minimum of 5 raids per week (EC HM, TFB HM x3-5, and NiM EC). Last week we did 6 TFB runs and 2 NiM ECs across our Pub and Imp guilds.

We take our raiding seriously, but still have fun so you don't have to be truly hardcore to raid with us as long as you're trying hard and willing to learn. We're definitely an adult guild with lots of joking, so no uber-sensitive types. We do require Teamspeak with a mic and advanced signup to participate in raids, which generally start at 8 PM PT, although we're experimenting with a few earlier raids as well. The guild also has 90% of the BIS mod schematics and we use our guild mats to gear out frequent raiders.

If interested in learning more just send me a private message on this site. You can try to catch me in game on the alts listed below, but it may be harder to catch me.

Our guild site pretty much sucks, but if you want to see it knock yourself out (raid cal & crafting list is kept elsewhere):
Kareth Kalzeth Kairieth Karzeth Karyeth
Kelschuz Staccia Karjeth Karxeth
The Last Centurions - The Harbinger