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Having issues with my Gunslinger DF build...

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Having issues with my Gunslinger DF build...

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11.20.2017 , 10:27 AM | #1
Hey everyone.

I'm having issues getting a build for my Smuggler to work. I've tried browsing around but I mostly found outdated websites and dead links. I came across a few guides but all they mentioned were combos and stats. I don't see how Dulfy is useful when it doesn't provide what mods I should use and so on?

All that I want is... to know which mods I should use and possibly which Utility Points to select. That is all that I want... and I can't find an answer anywhere. If I'm to ask on general chat, I end up ignored...
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11.21.2017 , 07:53 AM | #2
Here's the Dulfy link

All the info you allegedly can't find anywhere is there including a section on utilities and "what mods to use."
If you for example read
1719 Critical (5xE, 4xA, 1xC)
it means you're supposed to get that 1719 critical rating from 5 enhancements, 4 augments and 1 weapon crystal.
Stats you can gain from stims, crystals, augments, enhancements, enhancements include implants/earpieces because those have the same amount of tertiary stats like regular enhancements do.

If you need it simpler: acquire 110% accuracy, around 760-800 alacrity, roughly 40/70 crit/surge and put the rest in power and/or mastery. How exactly you mix and match different mods to achieve this stat distribution doesn't matter.

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11.21.2017 , 03:22 PM | #3
Ok, let's review Utilities then. I can't speak about AMEs really. So, my excuses about that.


Ballistic Dampers: It's a very, very nice Utility. I tend to take it every time(3x -30% damage lol!), but DF doesn't necessarily have to crouch in Cover, so that's something to be mindful of. Also, kinda meh in PvP without Hunker Down.
Snap Shot: A very, very nice utility. An instant cast Dirty Blast's always nice and it also combines very nice with Utilities that trigger on exiting cover(just crouch, fire, stand up = bonus). I tend to take it every time.
Cool Under Pressure: Again, a nice utility, but you don't have to cover. 3% would be better, but 2% is also nice. Combos very well with Shield Reserves(it'll get nerfed very soon though).
Efficient Ammo: Again, very useful. Spread DoTs, Sweep = profit. I'd take it.
Hot Pursuit: A very nice utility, but it only affects one Dirty per rotation. Is it really worth it? Imo, no. But could be useful in PvP or high mobility fights. Combos very nicely with Snap Shot
Trip Shot: A thoroughly PvP utility. Even then...I wouldn't use it. 3s seems too small to me to warrant an Utility. Maybe if it were 5 or 6...


Heads Up: Yet another PvP Utility. Could be used in some select situations in PvP, but it's not worth the bother(imo).
Pandemonium: I like this one very much. Not only does it give you an instant cast Dirty, but it also increases your defenses! Very nice. I often use it, but you decide for yourself. I do recommend it though, for both PvE and PvP.
Reset Engagement: A very nice PvP utility, otherwise don't bother.
Lumbering Impact: Yet another PvP utility. I'd SERIOUSLY RECOMMEND it for PvP. Flourish Shot will cause innumerable suffering due to both slowing and weakening heals. Flashbang modifier is also very nice and can be even used to support your team in PvE. Overall, more of a PvP utility, but it's nice either way.
Crippling Diversion: Yet another very nice PvP utility. Can even be used to great extent in PvE, but only as a Saboteur imo. Plasma Probe + Crip.Diversion = practically a stun lol. Wouldn't take it outside of PvP though. Come to think of it...DF DOES have slow on
Plan B & C: PvP utility. I just...I don't know about this one. Doesn't seem terribly impressive tbh.


Hotwired Defenses: It buffs your Shield Probe. I like to take it, but I like Shield Probe either way. It's a general utility, but 30% doesn't seem like much tbh. It could especially be kinda useless in PvP where if someone Laze Ambushes you...that 30% won't make a difference(most likely). I like to take it, you decide for yourself.
Lay Low: I guess it is a PvP utility of sorts. Wouldn't take it without Holed Up tbh. Maybe it should be baked into Holed Up and freed an utility slot.
Compounding Impact: Yeah, a BEAUTIFUL Utility for PvP. Wouldn't take it for PvE.
Holed Up: Just take it and forget about it lol. 60% AoE damage redux!
Kneecapin': Yet another BEAUTIFUL PvP utility. Practically worthless in PvE though. Also somewhat useless without Lumbering Impact.
Hold Your Ground!: I see this utility as a glue of sorts. It buffs Pulse Deton, Defense Screen and Escape(comboing rather nicely with a number of utilities just here, BUT MOSTLY FOR PVP) and it also causes you to have +20% Defense chance when you leave cover meaning it combos very nice with Snap Shot. You could go worse than to take this.


Opportunity Knocks: I would dare to say that this is more of a PvP utility, but either way, damn does it have potential and a half! Up to +80% ArPen lol. To be combined with Crippling Diversion, ofc.
Guile and Guns: Now this could be used regardless of mode. I just don't see where you'd put this in your rotation. But if you were going in PvP, this could be very nice.
Shield Reserve: As it is, it's on the level of Holed Up. It's getting nerfed in a week's time, so don't count on it that much. Either way, this'll still remain a premiere defensive tool of Gunslingers.
Bait and Switch: This actually could be used rather nicely due to Incendiary Mine up there. Plus, it almost doubles your Dodge duration. Very nice, but unsure whether it's really worth of a Legendary slot.
Riot Screen: To be taken if you like to Take Cover. Otherwise...I guess it can highlight Shield Reserve(?). Tbh, if you don't like to TC or aren't a Sharpshooter, I wouldn't take it.
Perfect Scheme: A rather nice emergency utility. Especially in PvP. Wouldn't really take it in PvE.

Here's how I take Utilities:

Ballistic + Cool + Snap
Hotwired + Hold
Riot + Reserve

But that's more of a general guideline, or to be exact, a Sharpshooter layout. Maybe this would be better:

Snap + Efficient + Dampers
Hotwired + Holed Up
Shield Reserve
< Free Utility Slot: Knocks, Bait n Switch, HYG >

edit: I don't PvP, but this is something that COULD work:

Snap + Pursuit
Pandemonium + Crippling + Lumbering
Knocks + Reserve
(but you don't really have enough points to take everything you need lol!)
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11.21.2017 , 04:36 PM | #4
For gear I'd take a look at Bant's gearing guide or the dulfy guide, the most generally effective utility selection in PvE is (in my opinion)
Ballistic Dampers + Efficient Ammo (replace with Snap Shot if you don't need the AoE)
Seek Cover + Pandemonium
Lay Low + Holed Up
Shield Reserve + Riot Screen (you can replace one with Opportunity Knocks if you want extra AoE and expect to get many targets in diversion)

And even though none of your main rotational abilities strictly requires cover, you should always be in cover as much as possible, it increases your ranged defense chance, makes you immune to leaps and interrupts (only really relevant in PvP) and makes you immune to ability activation pushback, which is a very big deal in both PvE and PvP as it will affect your APM.