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Dirty Fighting Rotation Assistance

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Dirty Fighting Rotation Assistance

Biscuitt's Avatar

02.18.2017 , 08:01 AM | #1
Hello folks,

I'm trying to master Dirty Fighting, my gear is 240/242, and I've been using Bant's numbers for my stats, and Dulfy's 5.0 rotation as a guide.

However, my DPS has yet to break 9k DPS on a dummy. I'm really not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm always between 8.6k and 8.9k DPS.

Here is a recent parse:

My goal isn't to have the best dummy parse, but to do better DPS in OPs - and I'm not performing where I feel I should in HM or NiM ops.

Thank you!

CMoray's Avatar

02.21.2017 , 10:02 AM | #2
Hey there,
Mac'arena (best 2,5kk dummy) does not use Speedshot at any time, it is replaced with 2x Dirty Blast. Also per Hemorrhaging Blast window Wounding Shots + 4x Dirty Blast (or dot-refresh). Additional you can use Hightail It as a filler prior to Flurry of Bolts if possible.
Same goes for Smartý (best 1,5kk dummy) but without replacing Speedshot with 2x Dirty Blast.
Another difference between you and both "top-parses": They do not crouch again to gain the instant Dirty Blast.
In normal situations, it won't increase your dps, further it may be a loss of energy.

Zwirni's Avatar

02.22.2017 , 06:58 AM | #3
There are some key things to remember:
1) Lethal Shot / Dirty Blast always deals more damage than Takedown / Quickdraw if you have the debuff of Weakening Blast / Hemorrhaging Blast active.
2) Series of Shots / Speed Shot, Corrosive Mine / Bloody Mayhem (rolling) and autohits should only be used if in need of energy.
3) When do I use Takedown?
After Cull if your Weakening Blast debuff is not active AND you have enough energy to cast a Lethal Shot afterwards AND you dont need to refresh your dots, in that case after the dots.
That gives you roughly 8-12 Takedowns in 4 minutes.

Unfortunately Virulence/Dirty Fighting dummy parses are highly depending on luck. So if you want to invest the time to get the perfect parse you just dont use autohits, rolling or series of shots. That means that 19 out of 20 parses will end at ~60%-50% because you are out of energy. Basically the dummy is completely different from raidbosses.

If you want to master Virulence for bossfights I suggest parses like this (bad crit luck), comparison
You should learn your way around energy first before trying to ignore it.

Biscuitt's Avatar

02.24.2017 , 10:33 AM | #4
Thanks for taking the time to reply . It seems like this forum is dead lately.

I was able to get my parse to 9.1k - and I'll keep working on it.

I'll post another parse this weekend if folks are still interested.


bdatt's Avatar

03.01.2017 , 10:16 AM | #5
I just returned and yeah forums are pretty dead these days. Sad!.

Anyway I've been trying to master DF too and have found comparisons/analysis is quite difficult. In part as noted above due to RNG energy regen. But also things like looking at APM. This is in also dependent on crits/energy since lower energy regen means potentially more speed shots, which is an APM reduction.

I've found analyzing a couple things in the ability use tab helps:
1) Timing of dot applications, ensuring you aren't clipping (< 24 sec) or delaying dots such that the decay isn't on for WS.
2) Maximizing Wounding Shot use. Average time should be <9 sec adjusted for alacrity.
3) Same for Hem Blast, with average time 2x Wounding Shot and ideally used right before.

The rest comes down to priority as noted above and is highly RNG/energy dependent (lower crits means lower energy, which means lower dirty blast use, which means fewer bleeds from dirty blast, which means fewer crits from dirty blast bleed, which means lower energy regen...).

Yashmata's Avatar

03.08.2017 , 05:56 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Biscuitt View Post
Thanks for taking the time to reply . It seems like this forum is dead lately.

I was able to get my parse to 9.1k - and I'll keep working on it.

I'll post another parse this weekend if folks are still interested.

I'd be interested in your updated parse...?
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oleost's Avatar

12.07.2017 , 01:13 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by Yashmata View Post
I'd be interested in your updated parse...?
So would I ..