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Discussion Topic: Game Update 5.4 and the Next Roadmap

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Discussion Topic: Game Update 5.4 and the Next Roadmap
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08.30.2017 , 07:35 AM | #1491
There's an interesting debate going on here.

Alrik mentioning the streamlining was overdone I think was spot on. The game has become way too easy. The push to get people to end game level cap was too pronounced, and the natural progression of the game has been basically eliminated. The game has become a bore to play because it's simply too easy. Things that are too easy are not all that enjoyable. No sense of fulfillment. Sheesh I remember taking on Darth Thanaton back when I first started playing and that fight was hard, and when I finally figured out how to beat him I was elated. Now though, you don't get that high emotional point.

Another poster mentioned that they spent too much time on solo only content. I agree with that in part. I would add to it that they focused their efforts on story that was too much an instanced based experience. No planet exploration. No side grouping for heroics or flashpoints as you traveled through the story. The over inclusion of instances segmented the player base by way of keeping everyone in separate "worlds" per se. I do believe they need a strong story in this game, and KOTET and KOTFE aren't exactly the best, but they aren't overly terrible either. Sure there's some of each story line that's bogus and disjointed. No disagreement there, but the overall story line itself isn't that terrible. It's done in such a way that you don't even feel like you're playing an MMO and that's the feel that was lost in their "transition to story telling." It's had major ramifications throughout the game. I believe this over reliance on instances and elimination of open worlds to explore is the single biggest failure of the recent patches. I know I'd play a lot more if the game somehow reverted itself back to a vanilla style where we had a story line that took us to new worlds that we could explore. Even though I hated driving from place to place at the time, when I look back I can only think that traveling around was a very important function.

Galactic Command also saps players instead of energizing them. I liked the idea when it came out, but it still hasn't transformed into something enjoyable. The RNG crates are simply ridiculous, and I find them on the whole completely unenjoyable. When I played more we called these things crates of sadness. The nickname still applies. Looking back I don't see where this system was ever really truly needed.

Uprisings: are stupid. I played through them to get my 100 percent achievement in that category and I won't touch them again. If there's one thing that we all banded together and said (since Makeb) it would have been "don't rely too much on too many mobs in the player's way." Yet, that's what uprisings are. And, they have zero story attachment. I guess you could count the codices, but going back and reading a codex entry isn't the same level of engagement as say a flashpoint gives the player. Furthermore, I don't even get why they wanted to deploy this content. To me, the had pillars in game already built for end game: Flashpoints, Pvp, Operations. It would have made far more sense to me to build new flashpoints that could tell a story (much like the Prequel to Shadow of Revan ones which that still is one of my favorite arcs in the game. I thought they told the story well, and the flashpoints were awesome). Instead they tried to create a new pillar for end game, and that just hasn't worked imo.

To grab me back into the true playing fold, and for the most part the friends I'd played with for years, the game would need to get back to open world exploration, better flashpoints, improving or deleting the mess that is Galactic Command (just get rid of it is my vote, but I'd be interested in another suggestion). and making the game as a whole challenging again. Additionally, it'd be absolutely fantastic if they stopped this junk path they've taken with companions. They've whole h eartedly destroyed the unique feel of all classes by giving you every companion ever and then some. They have no personality anymore, no story attached, no real reason to like them anymore. That was probably one of the biggest successes of the vanilla game package: the companion side stories. Bioware games are SUPPOSED to be about your crews and their own stories told in the aftermath of big missions. This game seems to have totally forgotten that fact. Think Garrus et al would have been beloved characters in this game with the way they treat companions? I'd venture a guess to say nobody would even care who Garrus was or is...since you'd play a role in garrus's story once only via alliance alert and that would be it.

On the plus side the two new raid boss encounters are fun. I think they've done well there especially with A and E. Tyth is a bit annoying, but the second boss fight is definitely loads more interesting. I like the idea of getting back some sort of daily area in Iokath even if it's just not built properly to encourage people to play it. And, the new flashpoint is a step in the right direction. the story line itself might have an interesting conclusions even if this whole traitor business feels completely out of left field and somewhat forced.

A lot of us are still sitting in the wings watching what's going on with the game and hoping it improves. I still subscribe here and there to experience new content, but then I unsub and wait again to see what happens. They still have a long road back to respectability. The Ben Irving era seriously damaged this game.
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