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Adaptive Armor??

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11.10.2015 , 11:02 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by DocDAM View Post
you mention the cost of ripping mods out. Why not just over-ride them as there is no longer a use for those spent/lower level ones on comps anymore?
It's not the old mods you want to rip out, it's the new ones. If you don't have an "outfit" but you want to keep the "look" of your base armor, when you get a new higher level piece, you'd want to rip the mods out of the new piece to put them in the old piece. Similarly, if you have a base piece that has an augment slot, you may want to rip the mods rather than add an augment slot to the new piece.
If you are talking say, a 208 rating piece, it costs something like 35K* to rip 3 mods, but it only costs 5k* to put a piece in your outfit. Once you have the pieces you want the "look" of in your outfit, you can freely apply new pieces to your base without ripping any mods to preserve your look, plus the base pieces don't even have to be mod-able.
I have a couple of characters that have fully augmented base armor, so I basically pay the cost of ripping the mods - which is not a big deal when you have millions of credits.
Now that the previous stats have all been replaced with mastery, the only things to worry about when adding pieces to your base is the secondary stats like crit, accuracy, shield rating, etc, and you don't need to worry about even that when putting pieces in your outfit. (or your companion's outfit).
I also have several that just have whatever armor piece has the best stats as their base and I therefore, don't need to rip mods.
(All of my main characters have an "outfit".)

* costs vary with level, but the ratio remains about the same.
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