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(Solo Story) Flashpoint Meridian

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12.15.2019 , 06:17 PM | #1
OK I chose to do this quest and surprise surprise, there is not such thing. It automatically switches to Flashpoint Object Meridian.
………...and anybody who tells us that they managed this quest solo is in my opinion just plain a liar. Prove me different.This quest is impossible to do solo. I tried about 40 times (dark side) and it is really not doable. For one thing I have that companion who is useless (and impossible to chose another even if people say they can!)
So then I jump down and there is the big thing in middle shooting at you but also two turrets and a heap of soldiers. YOu manage the soldiers, you manage the turrets, and there are a heap of Drones attacking you from all sides as well as the big monster in the mitddle AND some soldiers start appearing too.

So can somebody please tell how I can master this quest solo? Honestly? No fibs?

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12.15.2019 , 09:42 PM | #2
Well apparently anyone who says they've done it is a liar so why would you want to hear from them

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12.16.2019 , 12:14 AM | #3
completed it on pub side on three different characters no problem.

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12.16.2019 , 12:31 AM | #4
well, make sure you are indeed in the solo-story fp as this player ended up in the master mode version which is intended for a group.

if you are in the solo-story version and having these problems you can:

1) switch your comp to dps to help you kill things faster. the health stations around the map are more than sufficient to keep you both alive.
2) level up your temporary companion's influence to make her more effective.
3) invest a little time understanding how to play your class better.

as for the "strategy": kill the adds first, weak to strong (so soldiers first, then the turrets) while your comp dps the big droid. then help your comp. don't stand in the bad stuff on the floor. use a defensive skill if you're targeted by the blue circle. don't stand in the fire left by the exploding mine droids.
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12.16.2019 , 01:14 AM | #5
OP: Please remember that if one person says it is impossible and lots of others (me included) say they have done it, chances are that *you* are wrong and they are not. For reference, I've done it on both sides:
* Commando
* Shadow
* Assassin
* Sorcerer (lightning!)
* Juggernaut
* Guardian

If you really are in the solo/story version, then you should be doing it in mostly 268 and 270 gear at level 75. Do not tell me you don't have any such gear. It comes in the Onslaugh mission rewards in little cans that look just like Universal Prefab MK-1 in your inventory, except they don't stack. Open the cans, put on the gear, get some companion gifts for the companion to raise her (?Major Anri?) Influence rank. Sure, it's a temporary companion, but either you raise her influence and improve your chances of winning, or you don't raise it, and you improve your chances of losing.

And make sure you do, indeed, follow the advice above about learning your class.

I'm also reminded of the weeks after the release of KotET, with a series of people acting all outraged at the lunacy of putting an impossible mission in the end of KotET, specifically the fight with Vaylin in Chapter IX.
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