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Who is the worst companion?

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Who is the worst companion?

RDeanOU's Avatar

12.29.2017 , 11:07 PM | #1
I nominate Ashara Zavros and Skadge.

Ashara makes absolutely no sense as a companion for the inquisitor. The archetype based on the emperor...a being a dark side power...and your companion is a zealous Jedi who won't abandon the light that you cannot manipulate to the dark side. Who the actual crap thought that fit into this character's story? It is the worst. I want to jettison her stupid rear out of an airlock the first time she tells me she won't abandon the Jedi teachings. Really?

Skadge is just annoying. My Bounty Hunters are professionals and Skadge doesn't fit with my crew. He isn't especially talented. He isn't professional or discreet. He is a blunt instrument in the hands of a character who uses advanced weaponry. I want to put a hook through one of his 17 chins and drag him behind my speeder through the all of Tatooine.

Dracofish's Avatar

12.29.2017 , 11:35 PM | #2
Ashara can work as a companion almost perfectly with a Sith Inquisitor...if you don't play that Inquisitor like a complete demon. My main character is a Dark 1 Nox and she had wonderful dialogue with Ashara...discussing how there are as many interpretations of the Sith Code as there are Sith...that it's not all black and white...and in the end, Ashara admits that she's no longer a Jedi.

If you're just EVIL RARRR! then yes, you won't get along with her at all. But then again, there are a lot of companions who won't work with the extreme version of the class they're paired with. I think Jaesa is a much harder character to get along with...because she's either one of two extremes, and if you play a "grey" type character, then it's near impossible to deal with her.

Try playing a political-minded Mini-Marr type Inquisitor and I think you'd have a whole different outlook on Ashara as a character. The Inquisitor is by far my favorite class...because you can delve so much into the idea that not all Sith are crazy psychos who cackle at people and throw severed heads down from the rooftops.
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SithKoriandr's Avatar

12.29.2017 , 11:41 PM | #3
Skadge, since you have no real reason to get along with him and he forces his way on to the ship. If you do happen to like him right away though, no issues, I'm sure.
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Mubrak's Avatar

12.29.2017 , 11:42 PM | #4

She is too dangerous to exist, let alone get a ride on your ship with premium access to the holonet. She even openly admits she's using you and states matter of factly that she will dispose of you once you outlived your usefulness.
The agent should have done the same once he had everything he needed.

While intelligence agencies do have a reputation for "strange" alliances, there is absolutely nothing to gain here.
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Asmodesu's Avatar

12.29.2017 , 11:53 PM | #5
The one I disliked the most is Rusk.
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Eshvara's Avatar

12.30.2017 , 12:09 AM | #6
Theron and Lana, Lana slightly more.
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Rebamcfan's Avatar

12.30.2017 , 12:26 AM | #7
Skadge all the way. He forces himself to Bounty Hunter's crew, even if s/he wouldn't take him. He's a brute and I just find him to be annoying in general. Wish you could leave him locked within the deepest depth of Belsavis Prison after he helps you to get Zale Barrows. Many thanks for those who have clicked my Referral link, I've been able to unlock many things. ^_^
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IoNonSoEVero's Avatar

12.30.2017 , 01:18 AM | #8
I nominate Senya, Quinn, Skadge, Doc and SCORPIO. If we were allowed to reject one companion from joining us in KOTFE it would be Senya; in the class stories I'd jettison the others without thinking twice.

SerraShar's Avatar

12.30.2017 , 12:18 PM | #9
all the males companions

Nah just kidding . Let see , hum...

For Inquisitor: Ashara (cose I play DS , so she doesn't fit . Homewhever I do like that she has more backbone then Jaessa) . THE gosh darn PIRATE WHO KEEP SAYING 'YOU MISS MEH' every single time he come back from a crafting mission....cant wait to kill him .

Warrior: Quinn (and he is deader then dead) , Pierce Urghhhhh...boringboring boring....Broonmark just Urgh gross!

Bounty Hunter: Justin Bieber aka Torian...(gonna be dead)..Gault (while he is funny , his voice get on my nerve which is a shame ) ,

Agent: Temple....wooo...can't stand her . funny I like the rest of the companions very much .

On the repb side:

Jedi consular: irresso...Ticking Bomb! tharan Cedrax the leech Yurk . The Twilek with anger management.,.Thanx! I pass .

Jedi Knight: Doc...King of sexual harassement !

Trooper: Jorgan the angry kitten

Smuggler: CORSO CORSO CORSO CORSO CORSO 10000% CORSO! Did I mention Corso? Yup...CORSO....

we really need your most favorite companion ya know...
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RDeanOU's Avatar

12.30.2017 , 12:55 PM | #10
I really don't mind most companions. Some aren't all that interesting to me, but they don't bother me. Ashara sticks out because she just doesn't fit with the archetype that class is supposed to represent. I'm trying to be like the emperor and I can't twist one prideful padawan to the dark side?! It makes the player character seem pathetic.

I'm seeing a lot of people echo my complaints about Skadge. He isn't an interesting character on top of being annoying and not fitting the archetype.

As far as favorite companions, Khem Val comes to mind simply because he fits the inquisitor so well. Yes, I'd love to have a dark side monster who once served a legendary Sith Lord at my side. Honestly, there are a lot of companions that I really enjoy. Jaessa, Mako, Kira, Scourge, Qyzen, Elara, M1-4X, Bowdaar, and Kaliyo are all interesting characters to me.