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Returning player

archfiend's Avatar

07.08.2019 , 03:07 PM | #1
Just trying the game back out after like 6 years or so and wondering about the pvp. I tried to get in some matches and every time I did it was 2 v3 or 3 v4 games. Usually with me being focused down and dieing in of matter of seconds.
Is there no more pvp like huttball? I really hate this small dueling thing so was wondering if I should even bother with SWTOR again.

Seterade's Avatar

07.08.2019 , 04:55 PM | #2
you are in low level pvp. 8v8 is mostly an end game thing. its a carry over from a change they made to the map selection. it pushes 8v8s out as soon it has enough players but if it cant manage 16 players it will force a pop of arena which only takes 8. the second part is that 5.0 made swtor entirely endgame so very few people bother pvping while leveling since its one of the slowest ways to level and you gain no viable currency for endgame. this make the people queueing a very small number, less than 16. so 9/10 low pvp pops arena, not 8v8

foxmob's Avatar

07.08.2019 , 05:01 PM | #3
if you queue at the wrong time, you'll find reg WZs very frustrating as many of them are filled with people death matching and ignoring objectives. I've found that people generally ignore the winning conditions for Quesh and Vandin Huttball maps, but usually you can get an honest game in The Pit.

Odessen Proving Grounds is terrible as a reg WZ b/c it calls for a degree of coordination that is utterly lacking, and I rarely get a good game there, so I tend to leave when it pops.

VStar, CW, NC, Yavin, and AHG usually play objectively. If you see a grp of top tier players ignoring objectives (without naming names) just take a note and leave the games you pug into with them. pops are pretty fast (at least on SF and SS).

4v4 arenas are rare in the reg queue in my experience, but I recommend that you stay in them as they are fast, so even if they aren't you cup of tea or the teams are drastically imbalanced, they're over quick. it's not like a bunch of jerks purposely not capping the first door of VStar just to farm kills.

TL; DR: pops are quick in the reg queue in north america. there are a lot of number farmers, but you can leave maps at any time with zero repercussions just as they can ignore objectives without repercussions, so I suggest you just leave those games. you'll still get plenty of pops and can play objective matches.

edit: what seterade said. I didn't think that you were still leveling. so few ppl in the queue still level via pvp, so you get the same handful of ppl and it's always areneas. just get to lvl 70, and things will be like 90% WZs, 10% arenas.

archfiend's Avatar

07.09.2019 , 04:20 AM | #4
Thanks both for the reply.
When I left the requirement for warzones was lv 10 I think, and I really like the larger group based pvp despite its issues; unsure why they cannot adjust peoples level like that again if they are going to force it to be level 70. I also feel that some builds (such as they are) are just naturally better at the small 4 v 4 or less so without the option to pick your gamemode...
I just don't have the desire to level from 51 to 70 to have what I would consider "fun", and I seriously dislike the 4 v 4 so I guess I will bow out of the game once more.

Good luck all.