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Ranked Arena LF Help

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Ranked Arena LF Help

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07.03.2019 , 09:55 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Ylich View Post

Just a little background on me, but I'm basically a super competitive tryhard. I've been multi-gladiator in multiple seasons with multiple classes in WoW and rank 1 multiple times. I played on a pro team for a small stint in Smite. I'm typically in the highest ranked bracket in most games that I devote any time to. No I'm not trying to stroke myself off here, but I want to at least set the expectation that I'm not looking for help to barely break 1000 rating. I'm looking for the type of knowledge to get to platinum rank, knowing that I can handle the mechanics of the game.

I started playing SWTOR for a month or so about a year ago and stopped again, but before that... I had not played since release. I'm wanting to get started back up, especially with expansion coming, and actually get into the ranked arena for this game. (I realize it's probably not all that competitive with how matchmaking is and the lower player base, and win trading). That's ok.

So some questions that I have from some of the seasoned higher ranked players:

1) Are marauders super viable for solo queue? group queue? (They look 'ok' in solo queue, except 1 guy)
2) Which spec of marauder is most played? Carnage?
3) Do I need to get 258 gear to compete at high ranks?
4) Stat priority for carnage marauders? How much hit % in PvP? Any must-have gear items?
5) What is the best team comp for me in group queue?
6) What talents do people run on the marauder builds for arena? Are there situational talents based on your comp?
7) What are typical target priorities for killing people? Train healer first, train snipers first, etc.?
8) Do people typically blow CDs liberally at the start, or do they typically try to force CDs on other team first and then blow theirs to net a kill?

I'm sure I'll think of more questions, but thanks for any insight! Obviously I can figure these out on my own I'm sure, but will take much more time to get ramped up.
I will answer the question about maras

In this current meta Fury is the PVP monster for the Marauder class and honestly there is no reason for you to play Carnage or Anni in ranked because Fury does everything better and has stun immunity every 30 seconds on top of that which feels kinda mandatory since there area a LOT of stuns in arenas, especially ranked ones...

Sure, Carnage is very good despite what people say.. I can easily break 5k dps with it and sometimes It shocks me how fast I can kill one target with it, but the lack of CC immunity makes me feel vulnerable and naked in ranked. It can work out for you if you are very skilled and dedicated to marauder class.

Annihilation I feel that is very situational, but again if you are skilled you can do very good with it. Anni is least played in ranked I think. On Darth Malgus I have mostly never seen any Anni mara in ranked que except one guy and even carnage is pretty rare. *90% of the folk on DM are all fury which is very sad...

Honestly, Fury is a joke of a spec and feels very monkey like and klunky/slow.. It should never have been the top mara spec and it never really was until 5.0, but we are kinda forced to play it now because it's easy and does a lot of damage.

Build Wise, I play Fury with low alacrity(750) full burst build, while I prefer Anni and Carnage with high alacrity builds .