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DPS Gearing for 2018, Patch 5.6

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DPS Gearing for 2018, Patch 5.6

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01.13.2018 , 10:23 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by ZouYan View Post
The one thing u might want to consider in your calculations is the lightning sorcs also get a 20% alac buff from polarity shift. So they wud want to run a but more alac to get the benefit of a 1.1 gcd window. 1246 i believe is the stat number.
I'm going to highlight the values for polarity shift, too.

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01.13.2018 , 11:11 PM | #22
Tried the high alacrity build. Do not like it on my sin. Get better parses doing 8% alacrity. ---- Higher critical and 3 new mastery aug build.

On my Merc, Sorc, and Sniper the 1866 Alacrity build works. Not my Jugg, Sin, or PT.
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Yesterday , 09:03 PM | #23
thank you for this
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Today , 06:01 AM | #24
My pleasure
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Today , 06:38 AM | #25
No point in building for alacrity if you are not an advanced player of if you have connectivity issues, server lag, high ping, et cetera.

I'd say so by order of priority:
\if you are DPs accuracy is the main priority for PvE, its 110%. IDK why people advise using accuracy Stim. Stims last for a very long time and the high-end ones are expensive to buy or craft. You run a mastery/power stim always, then you look at accuracy. No point in putting augments that you gonna have to change out soon. Apply your augments based on lvl 248 gearing, regardless of where you are in the gearing process. Below 248, you main priority is accuracy, the rest is whatever you have until you can min-max for optimal gearing and DPS.

It's not different than someone trying to have an optimal rotation at level 10

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Today , 07:22 AM | #26
I think I layed it out pretty clearly in the OP dude.
You may disagree but I stand by my post.

Thanks for sharing your opinion anyway.
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