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Play your way

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06.02.2019 , 04:32 AM | #1
Hi all
I watched the live stream the other day and was interested in most of what was said. However will this 'play your way' allow solo players (like me) to be able to complete content that is current not available unless you team up with other players?
Oricon is an example, I did all of the missions on the planet and then got to the end to find the final two missions were Operations with no solo option - why? I'm not interested in the loot, just completing the story that I've invested time into playing... Hence I don't bother with Oricon now.
Same with the macrobinoculars and seeker droid missions for Shroud, they are all solo'able until you get to the final missions of each (Heroic 4s!!!) and you need four players to push buttons, what a waste of time doing all those missions. So I don't play those missions now either as I can't complete the story, again not interested in any loot, just the satisfaction of completing the mission chain.
Star Fortress is another, all solo'able until (at least for me) the Exarch stage. I know people can solo (I've done 5 of the 6 Exarch but it was a painful grind) however I just cannot beat the Exarch of Voss (Heroic 2+ I don't think so) I've spent hours trying to kill this guy and I've now given up and would NEVER do Star Fortress again.
So all this rant is leading up to the question. Does "Play Your Way" mean that I and other solo players will actually be able to do the above, and other missions not mentioned, which we can't at present because of the way I want to play???? i.e. SOLO Apologies for the rant but just been killed another 10 times by the f*****g Exarch of Voss.

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06.02.2019 , 11:10 PM | #2
As for the first two. I would very much like you to finally be able to finish solo. Oricon is history and therefore should not end in an OP. No one plays macro etc., so please do it solo.

The Star Fortress is also alone. Companion on 20, then you go.
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06.03.2019 , 08:21 AM | #3
If you get your main alliance contacts up to rank 10, you can use extra "buffs" while doing star fortress. Having some of those extra buffs/attacks makes those final bosses MUCH easier.
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06.03.2019 , 11:30 AM | #4
I'm pretty sure "play your way" is only referencing how gear is acquired and nothing more.

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06.03.2019 , 01:45 PM | #5
I mean, not to sound particularly rude, but on the Oricon front:

It's incredibly easy to clear the Oricon operations. The Story Mode is not difficult anymore, there are always groups doing it when the Ops come up in the group finder, and you can clear it in about an hour.

So there's not really a huge excuse.
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06.04.2019 , 06:27 AM | #6
It is an MMO. There will always be content for groups-only. It's your personal problem if you are anti-social/scared/whatever.