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Get rid of subscription

buddydogputin's Avatar

06.24.2019 , 05:26 AM | #1
Made it a one time purchase option. No free play, no preferred, just a one-time purchase

KoriVash's Avatar

06.24.2019 , 05:38 AM | #2
OK, then how does the staff get paid? you really think that the cartel market will fund it in total? It would be that or adverts every few mins. The sub is not all that much. BW could lower it and remove the 500CC grant but I would much rather have it how it is. On the other side at one time along with your sub you had to buy the xpacs, now they are free with just a one months sub for all that had come out so far up till sub ends. That to me is very fair.

HoloTweed's Avatar

06.24.2019 , 05:46 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by buddydogputin View Post
Made it a one time purchase option. No free play, no preferred, just a one-time purchase
To do that, a "one time purchase" would have to be several hundred dollars. Who do you think will pay that all at once? And if you get rid of all free and preferred then you really will have ghost towns on every server... a few hundred people AT MOST, probably less than 250 total. Congratulations, you would have killed the game.

OlBuzzard's Avatar

06.24.2019 , 06:34 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by buddydogputin View Post
Made it a one time purchase option. No free play, no preferred, just a one-time purchase
Hmmm.. I could almost understand this... Like a "Life time" sub ?

Unfortunately most of us could not afford cutting a check (so to speak) to cover several years of subscription. There was one other game that tried that: they went broke.

Frankly there almost needs to be an adjustment in the cost of MMO's... Most of us have been paying $15 a month now for over 15 years. A lot has happened in that time.

I'm sorry but your suggestion while strikes a tone of one and done satisfaction ... It's just not practical.

stockmks's Avatar

06.24.2019 , 06:40 AM | #5
Or they could just make the subscription valuable.

Replace threats of restriction with the same dollar value of cartel coins. If you're into SWTOR enough to pay, you have a use for cartel coins.

Yes, I know, there might be a slight need to make new cosmetics at least, but if the pro bioware people don't wake up, you're going to be paying your monthly stipend for eternity for fumes of content. It won't magically get better and some day you'll get your subs worth (even to the most easy measure).

As a long time preferred player, avoiding the boogey man is also fools gold.

forcedpolitics's Avatar

06.24.2019 , 07:30 AM | #6
This game is worth $15/month's 1 hour of work at a minimum wage job. The F2P/Preferred model is great (especially if you've snagged artifact account authorization) and it's getting better with 6.0
If you can't afford 15 bucks you need to get off the PC and work a little harder IRL before playing an RPG game. Sorry if this sounds harsh but just my 2 cents.

michaelcshow's Avatar

06.24.2019 , 07:42 AM | #7
Hobbies cost money. News at 11. For the price of a 2 hour movie I get 100+ hours of entertainment a month. Cheapest hobby I ever had.

Try golf - see what a set of clubs sets you back.

FlameYOL's Avatar

06.24.2019 , 07:58 AM | #8
How about... noo. I'd rather not get bankrupt by having to buy the game and all of its expansions.
A man can have anything...If he's willing to sacrifice everything

TheCardinal's Avatar

06.24.2019 , 09:00 AM | #9
would say the same, NO.

I've paid months at a time while I never logged on once.

I've paid most of the time since launch, still paying, never played Pref, never will.

It's our money that keeps this game going and I'm happy to pay even if I don't play so when I like to play the game is still around to be played.
Cardinal / Sweden
Icarus Corporation

ThomasStarWars's Avatar

06.24.2019 , 09:28 AM | #10
How did Guild Wars 2 or Elder Scrolls online pull it off?

SWTOR is the exact same.