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Child related NPCs to reflect the Children of our characters in Strongholds...

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Child related NPCs to reflect the Children of our characters in Strongholds...

absolutetristan's Avatar

03.24.2019 , 07:25 PM | #1
I'm still in the camp of having some type of SH related child npc/decoration/personnel reflect children of our characters. And I wasn't sure if this should be here or suggestions, but since it is partly stronghold related, I posted it here.

It's been a long while since I've seen the subject.

It's been brought before about having children decorations... and after someone mentioned it in the forum a long while ago, a long long while ago, yeah, if kid decorations were introduced, I agree after someone brought it up, some players, maybe, just maybe, but yeah, I could some players ruin for everyone and do inappropriate stuff with them.

I started wondering, instead of a personnel decoration, maybe have an NPC added to the strongholds. Like a consumable the player uses and then a customizable NPC is added to the strongholds and added in a way where they're basically like the turtle/rakghoul on Rishi wandering around. Like no placement needed, consumable used by the player and they're just added to the strongholds when the player heads to one and the npc wanders around the stronghold.

As for customization options:
-Age (I think three types for this, baby, child, and teenager. For teenager body that could be as easy as body type 1. And for the baby, they could do crawling or held/accompanied by a caretaker/"nanny" droid.).
-Species (anything available for the players)
-And then, I'd just have them set up, you know with characters you can right click and pull up player info, maybe have the child's name, and adoption or birth date.
-Maybe some Stronghold related options. Only available to pop up in certain strongholds. Viewable by player, entire legacy, or all players, etc.
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DuchessKristania's Avatar

04.02.2019 , 03:26 PM | #2
I don't know if I'd want the kid wandering around all creepy like, lol. Just kidding, I see where you're coming from. It doesn't appeal to me personally, but it is a novel idea to avoid abuse.

If I could have one child related deco I'd want a sort of cradle with an indistinct sleeping form under a blanket. That way it could be any alien, or combination of species. Just have the cradle with a little baby shaped lump under the blanket.

I highly doubt these will ever come into being. I just made my own and called it good.

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