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Gods of the Machine 16M VM Glitch

xJediRyanx's Avatar

09.10.2019 , 11:33 PM | #1
Here is my issue.

Doing 16M Gods from the Machine HM/VM.

2nd to last phase on Izax. Use Shadow Stride to get to a tether droid on the edge and I get launched into the air. Instead of dying, I continue to get higher and higher until I get kicked from the instance.

The group kills the boss and I do not get credit for the kill (no achievement for Izax or Super Dodgeclaw)

Here is a video showing me in the group and the group getting the kill. (I'm Auss and at 12:52 in the video, you can hear me say Shadow/Phantom Stride launched me into the air) and you can hear someone even confirm I'm on Iokath and basically the conversation after this is about this writing a ticket. (Those memes will be later in this message)

Here is a picture showing everyone getting the kill achievement plus Super Dodge Claw:

I have now put in 2 CS tickets.
The first CS person told me thanks for the feedback. (no joke)
The second told me I was disconnected from the group. As you can see by watching the video, I never got disconnected.

In the end, all I am asking for is to be granted the achievements I clearly worked hard to get. Am I out of bounds here or asking for something that can't be given via a CS ticket? I legit don't know what recourse I have at this point based on the replies I am getting.

Musco was super nice to reply to me on Twitter even though that was not his job to do so, so I'm hoping I can get this resolved in other means so I don't have to bother him. Any input would be greatly appreciated or additional avenues I can take.
I'd put a link here for you to click on, but my link is missing granny.