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List of all Datacrons

tummiswtor's Avatar

02.29.2016 , 02:36 PM | #121
Still 73/74 Datacrons? In planets i dont see that i miss something (Yeah i have Chamber on Couscant too, and Fleet)
I remember long time ago there was a bug that You got all but its says its miss.

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03.01.2016 , 08:06 AM | #122
Having some trouble getting to the King's Pass datacron on Alderaan, as the bomb won't activate and blow up the wall. Any ideas?

force_fortytwo's Avatar

04.27.2016 , 02:39 AM | #123
Hey guys,

I don't know if anybody has noticed this, but I think I have made a quite useful observation concerning the Champion Grophets which you need for the "Wolf of Rishi" achievement and the Rishi Datacrons. I didn't know where else to put this, so I hope this helps.

Some guys have been complaining on forums about how they waited for hours and no spawn on Breck the Grophet... I had the same thing, I was in a group with two others from my guild and we killed the placeholder mobs in order to get the data packs.

So we killed Straugh and Wupp, each spawned about the 7th to 10th time we killed the placeholder. Then on to Breck... and more than two hours and no avail. We met an Imp who said he'd been trying for SIX hours.

One of the other guys had the data packs in his loot, and when the group broke up he gave the packs to me (being the highest ranking within our guild, I'm trustworthy, I guess ).

Anyway, today I logged in and one of the others said he'd tried to get Breck to spawn and managed so after 5 trash mob spawns.
I, however, having the two data packs in my inventory, continued slaughtering Grophets and Grophlets... and chatting with my guildmate who also collected Wupp's data pack after 6-7 respawns again.

A thought came to my mind - I travelled to my stronghold, transferred the data packs to my storage, returned to Rishi...

... And after 7 little Grophets, guess who spawned! I concluded from this observation that apparently, the chance of a champion spawn is significantly lower than 5% if there is someone around the spawn point with exactly two data packets in their inventory. So, transferring them to your storage or sort of the like, you avoid this lower spawn rate and get your third packet waaay quicker.

I know, so far this has only been a one-time test. But I think that coding this is possible, so maybe you guys can check if this hypothesis bears truth and Bioware has put up a nice little timesink at this point...

I'm curious what you can find out about this!
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06.27.2016 , 03:07 PM | #124
Ty m8!
This sure helped me a lot because I just can't find any video which is accurate enough to show ALL of these datacrons.

Thank you again dude.
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kaitoichika's Avatar

07.19.2016 , 01:20 PM | #125
these datacrons tend to be a royal pain to collect i've almost given up on getting some of them cause of the "platforming" required to get them

ebab's Avatar

10.10.2016 , 07:06 PM | #126
do they do an impact on gameplay?

Tharandil's Avatar

10.13.2016 , 10:05 PM | #127
Quote: Originally Posted by ebab View Post
do they do an impact on gameplay?
I thought the 'reward' was several mastery points per datacron. Fortunately it is legacy wide. So it does, although it gets relevant when you've found a lot of them.

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02.01.2017 , 05:52 PM | #128
I was wondering how datacrons even work. Could someone enlighten me?

josephinec's Avatar

02.01.2017 , 06:09 PM | #129
Quote: Originally Posted by downwithtrump View Post
I was wondering how datacrons even work. Could someone enlighten me?
They're little technological boxes that give usually you a stat boost. You click on them and get a brief cinematic describing which stat will be boosted(endurance, mastery or presence), then your character will click on the box and receive the stat.

There are some datacrons which simply give something called a matrix shard. Your character can collect these shards, then take them to an instance on either Dromund Kaas or Coruscant and create a unique relic, which you can equip.

Before 4.0, the stat boosts from datacrons were only given to each character that found them. Now, once you find a holocron, the stat boost is given to your entire legacy. So if your Knight finds all three datacrons on Tython, not only will he get the stat boost, so will your Sith.

Some datacrons are easy to get, like on the starter planets and the one on the bridge in Bugtown on Pub Balmorra. Others, like Rishi, Makeb, and the fleets, are a challenge to get.
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02.12.2017 , 09:47 AM | #130
I remember way back when I made my first sith character years ago, finding the holocron on Korriban. After that, and still to this day, I've yet to find another one on my own.
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