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Dark Disciple Chronology

-Chickenwalker-'s Avatar

11.15.2015 , 10:54 PM | #1
In preparation for the Force Awakens, I've been going through all canon Star Wars media in chronological order. However, I've ran into something of a snag. The novel Dark Disciple and the Son of Dathomir comic series are both adaptations of unproduced Clone Wars episodes. I've posted information on the corresponding episodes in chronological order below, taken from You notice that the Son of Dathomir takes place in between the Dark Disciple material. The novel gives no information on which chapters correspond to which episodes, making it difficult to read them in the right order. I was wondering if anyone on these forums had any information that might assist me?

Dark Disciple Novel
130 Lethal Alliance
131 The Mission
132 Conspirators
133 Dark Disciple
Son of Dathomir Comic Series
134 The Enemy of My Enemy
135 A Tale of Two Apprentices
136 Proxy War
137 Showdown on Dathomir
Dark Disciple Novel
138 Saving Vos Part 1
139 Saving Vos Part 2
140 Traitor
141 The Path