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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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09.05.2014 , 12:28 AM | #4601
Quote: Originally Posted by Marxcyst View Post
I actually used a one time password at work to login to respond to this. If you weren't kicked from gear, you could've been kicked for this. Tank pulls first, always. That's why they're the tank. LTP.
LOL learn irony
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09.05.2014 , 02:54 AM | #4602
Quote: Originally Posted by Elusive_Thing View Post
(Combat though, so I could've easily gotten it back anyway).
If out of combat I've learned to use heal just when stack is about to drop. Instant 30 stacks!
If I'm on my Carnage Marauder I don't like fast tanks in boss fights usually because I don't have time to generate Fury. Some people even complain about me using out-of-combat heal between pulls.

Yeah, I know... I'm breaking rules.

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09.05.2014 , 08:35 AM | #4603
Quote: Originally Posted by venomlash View Post
The Shadow was one of the worst players I have ever seen.
Chat mute, to start with. I don't think he spoke English at all. (His legacy name made me think he might have been Russian or from nearby.) He was specced full Infiltration (I saw Clairvoyance buffs coming up) but stayed in Combat Technique the whole time despite our requests that he switch to Shadow Technique. He also used attacks at random --a Project here, a Double Strike there, a Telekinetic Throw fairly often, and lots and lots of Force Wave-- and made no attempt to handle the more problematic mob types.
Sounds like it might be the same Shadow I got as a tank for Colicoid while levelling - except at that point, he had the tank role but wouldn't switch out of his DPS stance, and I seem to recall getting at least a minimal (non-English) chat response out of him. So maybe he's learning, and just hasn't grasped group roles yet? Plus, if he tends to get kicked after saying something, then just being quiet might be the best option he sees. The loot and fighting style sound about the same, though. If it's the one I'm thinking, I thought it was his char name (not legacy) that had a pretty blatant regional clue as the second part, the first part being an alternate name for a seasonal mythological figure.

I hate cases like that much more than someone who refuses to play well - he might just need a little coaching, but if you flat out can't communicate with them, there's no feedback, they just see lots of stuff in chat and then get kicked (or have people drop group - I guess I should have votekicked him, but felt weird kicking someone without being able to communicate to them why. I feel a little bad about dropping, too, but really wasn't feeling Colicoid at that point.)

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09.05.2014 , 01:01 PM | #4604
I got another story:

A few weeks ago, I was doing the read reaper with a friend. I go around killing things at the entrance. When I get at low health, I yell for a heal. I get none, then I die. When I revived, I saw the healer standing doing nothing. I said "I said heal, dammit!". He says he was healing the tank (my friend tjeagle who was doing perfectly well herself, plus he was not healing anyone). So he starts ranting and being an ***, so we boot him.
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09.06.2014 , 02:30 AM | #4605
I had a whole weird group yesterday. Get a pop for Hammer Station on my decently geared level 18 baby sentinel.

Tank drops straight away without a word. Lead is with the healer who says nothing throughout the FP apart from "thx a lot" right at the end. No reaction to our repeated appeals to requeue the group. Kicking healer when we don't have a tank is a bad option too, so I decide to start practicing my sentinel tanking (will come in useful in future ^^). I would like to pull out Treek, but healer already has his (terrible) Qyzen out.

Trash pulls go fine (2nd DPS initially prefers to concentrate on the strong mobs but I have enough times to deal with the weak mobs) and we make the first boss ok. I engage heals or cleanses (ok SM but when sentinel tanking and getting no heals it still hurts). Boss is melting but I am melting faster. This is never going to work. Then amazingly I do get some heals and Qyzen a actually becomes useful and takes over for about 5 seconds before dying. Boss goes down with me on 96 hp, medpacks and cd's long since used...

Sentinel pants dropped and are won by the slinger...after I say something,he offers to trade them to me, opens a trade window and.............nothing happens for about 30s, then a green blaster appears...I give up end the trade and head of. He asks me if I don't want the gear but all I care about now is getting though this ASAP (I'm going to assume it was an honest mistake, but I really didn't care anymore. Best part is, healer doesn't resummon Qyzen, so agreement comes out and we fly through to the final boss.

I engage and successsfully tank the boss Greek focuses the adds and healer again fails to heal me. With Treeks heals, medpack, etc I just about pull through until boss is at 3% and I go down just before.

I get deadweigrevived and no one ninjas the sentinel chest so I end up happy.

Healer says his first words (see above) and is welcomed onto my ignore list .

2k conquest points, daily done no wipes and only the one death and I'm reasonably at peace with the world again...

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09.06.2014 , 05:18 AM | #4606
Quote: Originally Posted by Fraah View Post
we make the first boss ok. I engage heals or cleanses (ok SM but when sentinel tanking and getting no heals it still hurts).
I understand the whole "healer doesn't heal" issue, but just 1 thing that is a particular pet hate of mine. People expecting healers to cleanse in SM hammer station.

Healers get cleanse at level 24
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09.06.2014 , 06:15 AM | #4607
Quote: Originally Posted by BobFredJohn View Post
I understand the whole "healer doesn't heal" issue, but just 1 thing that is a particular pet hate of mine. People expecting healers to cleanse in SM hammer station.

Healers get cleanse at level 24
I realize I expressed this wrongly, but I wasn't expecting the healer to cleanse me but merely trying to point out that with*the stacking debuff I was melting even quicker, which would have been less of a problem if it had been removed.

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09.06.2014 , 11:44 AM | #4608
Have had plenty of strange experiences with GF and Ops before, so I figured it's time I make my first post here.

Queue for GF, get an Athiss. It's me, a Lvl 24 Sorc, a Lvl 23 Op Healer, a Lvl 22 Sniper DPS, and a 19 Assassin Tank. We zone in, say hello, tank says nothing. No big. We get down, wait for Tank to pull. Sniper DPS pulls instead, and continues to do so for the first 3 pulls. At this point I wonder what's going on and ask the Sniper to stop pulling ahead of the Tank. Sniper replies with "if her wasn't so damn timid i would stop". Sadly, the Sniper has a valid point.

Sniper and I alternate pulling until we get to Prof. Leyshara, who goes down no problem. Tank needs on the Aim gear that drops. Sniper calls him out, tank says nothing. Next we sneak around a few adds to the Beast of Vodal Kressh. After a brief discussion about the validity of the Cave/Pond method, we pull. The "tank", as predicted, fails utterly, leaving me to tank the beast in the arch. Beast goes down, we all loot, the tank released so no ninja for him this time.

We get down to the part with the Champion Sith Disciples and suddenly our tank decides to be a tank and pulls! Except he pulls entire rooms, leaving me to try and CC some before everyone dies. At this point our Sniper has had enough and starts a votekick. I happily oblige and pull out my Khem to tank the rest. The last boss goes smoothly; healer had sense enough to throw heals at my Khem. Looted, said thanks, parted ways.

Tl;dr- fail ninja tank who didn't pull or try to tank finally mans up at the worst time possible; kicks ensue
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09.06.2014 , 01:01 PM | #4609
its probably a sad commentary on my personal jadedness, but I just had a run that I found weird... becasue it was unexpectedly pleasant.

getting few last conquest points for my gunslinger by pugging flashpoints. candemimu pops, zoning in to a group of 3 people from the same guild. I make no assumptions, but just in case, I'm quietly doing my job without a peep. flashpoint is going smoothly, someone tank I think announces that we are doing bonus, I pipe up with "decorations" and then go back to mostly being quiet.

we get to the bonus, he drops rockets I watch what other eople are doing. they roll greed, so I hit greed as well and then tank needs. and I'm thinking to myself, damn it - "they did this on purpose, lulled me into thinking that they are greeding to keep deco for themselves" but say nothing.

and this is when weird, amazing thing happens. apparently, no this wasn't on purpose. tank says that they usually need on decorations, I point out that I greeded because others did, he goes, wait I was the only one that needed? and then tells me to roll and if I beat his roll, he'll trade me the deco. I do.. and he does.

we end up finishing the flashpoint in much chattier mood, another deco drops and I pass because genuinely I didn't expect to win anything at all, to have it traded to me? it just... almost never happens outside of guild only runs.

I'll say one thing, while I genuinely prefer to be polite and agreeable in groups, I'll be extra nice to members of that guild from now on

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09.06.2014 , 01:06 PM | #4610
This is not funny or weird, and not really a groupfinder story but a half guild, half PuG run of TfB.

Here I am, with my first character to ever hit level 55, don't know my rotation very well, but eager to learn and to, finally, participate in group content.

MMO were scary for the shy solo player I was at the time, even joining a guild was a difficult decision, so operations were terrifying.

Guildmates decide to introduce me to TfB so I can get some gear. I have only ever done EV, and probably only 3 or 4 SM flashpoints, but I am not a horrible player and guildies tell me it will be fine.

Very intimidated, I read everything I can about TfB and watch videos. I'm scared but excited too : I know that particular thread so I am aware of what people don't want to see in a group.

We get in the Op. 16man, SM. I notice at least half of the group is not from the guild so I immediatly say I'm new and will do my best. No reply from the random guys except one who says "I don't care, if you screw up, I kill you".

Very encouraging.

Writhing Horror, Dread Guards go down without issue. Operator is a bit trickier and it takes me forever to locate the cores, but it's 16 man and we make it without incident (yes I was running around like a headless chicken).

We kill him and that's when Random Guy #1 starts saying he doesn't want to put up with this **** and people should learn the mechanics. As I am the only noob in the run, I feel really bad despite my guildies saying I did pretty well. No wipe, after all, and I did DPS the cores... when I found them.

We get to Kephess, and of course I get the laser and nanites, and fail. The random guy starts ranting, and someone tells him it's ok, it's SM, not destroying the towers will be ok.

I already want to quit but I figure it would be stupid since we are almost at the end. It is okay indeed, no wipe on Kephess.

Last boss goes well for phase 1, I know what to do and where to go, all is well.

Phase 2... I realize all the videos I watched are from a healer's POV and I am lost. I find my tentacle and DPS it, but we wipe shortly after.

Second try, I go straight to my tentacle... and my mouse decides to stop working and basically just makes the camera move very fast. I was a clicker at the time, so I'm completely useless there.

I can't count the number of profanities that erupted from Random #1 for the whole fight, before and after the first try.
We died again, and he quit with a "L2P NOOB" after insulting me profusely on my inability to read tactics. Everyone tries to reassure me, to tell me that they know I've read them - how would I have known about phase 1, otherwise? - and that nothing replaces experience.

I quit the run shortly after, excusing myself and swearing this would be the last operation I would ever do. I considered quitting the game. I know it's extreme, but I felt really terrible.

1 month passes without me doing any op, and suddenly I find a video from a DPS POV for the last phase. And I decide to try again.

Next try was a full guild run, without any wipe.

It was 6 months ago. I am now running HM ops and do little to no solo content at all.

Runs can be really horrifying for newbies.

Edit to add this, didn't realize how long that text was.

TL;DR : elitist ruins my very first operation and makes me cry.