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Powertech players it is time to stand up and be heard!

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Powertech players it is time to stand up and be heard!

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07.12.2013 , 12:54 PM | #281
Quote: Originally Posted by Melon_Lord View Post
what if Power Bracer said additionally, IM and TD scorch the target for 15 seconds increasing the damage of CGC by 50% stacks 2 times? That might help people go full pyro since no one in their right mind wants to double cast IM.
That would help but i cant help thinking that having a burst relying on these dot would still require better defensive move.

All the talent from the tier below TD are lackluster and could benefit from some kind of overhaul.

Power Bracer: could affect another skill, i.e. RS
Automated Defense: I like the idea of the auto heal on each crit of the dots on top of the CD reduction to kolto overload
Rapid Venting: replace alacrity by something that really benefit PTs

Same thing for Degauss which is also weak in its current version, it could perhaps add some kind of immunity to snare and roots for X seconds.

Actually, the whole top of the pyro tree is just simply unappealing, especially when comparing it to AP's top tree (bar Power Loaders, LOLz). Comparing it to the top of each sniper tree is a joke (especially Lethality which is also supposed to be a DOT spec). Not need to mention IM vs Corrosive Grenade...
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07.12.2013 , 03:48 PM | #282
Yeah my thing was maily a PVE recommendation. As for PVP pretty much everyone agrees healing for 1% on DoT crits would help plus that too would make people want TD for extra potential healing. That with the much suggested Kolto Overload working at 40% would keep us out of execute range, and with those two things, survival is substantially buffed.
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