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Change to Cartel Color Crystals and Weapon Tunings with Legacy Weapons

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Change to Cartel Color Crystals and Weapon Tunings with Legacy Weapons
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08.22.2017 , 12:10 AM | #631
Quote: Originally Posted by Rion_Starkiller View Post
Same! I'm so over CM crystals. I have plenty of cool legacy crystals and non-CM crystals I can use in legacy weapons. As for tunings, I have no plans to ever spend 400 CC to unlock in collections. I used to have a damaged tuning permanently attached to my legacy Furious blaster, but no more.
It is 600cc for tunings, if I am not mistaken. So even worse: while gold/platinum items cost 400cc, tunings cost 50% more - I call that rip-off.

I am not going to unlock tunings, even though I own one of each available tunings already...

Never ever used the legacy weapon transfer to unlock a single item "illegitimately", still frustrated with the stupid solution and long-time implementation.

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08.22.2017 , 12:47 AM | #632
Quote: Originally Posted by dscount View Post
Now the resolution was knee jerk reaction has likely turned off people to CM Crystals in the process. Making folks goto generic model and some even annoyed about it (I was). Costing them MORE money in the future if they could have just handled it WAY Better than "Break it now to save us money loss" and "Fix it later for those legit folks we screwed over later". Again - BAD Customer experience folks and it's becoming more common here in SWTOR.
I doubt anyone is going to argue that it could have been handled better, equally I doubt anyone would argue that BioWare should have left the Crystal unlocks via Legacy weapons alone after 4+ years of it being as it was. I also doubt anyone would argue that releasing the fix for Tunings being transferred and unlocked in the same way should have been handled better in the first place (without touching Crystals being transferred).

They've at least fixed it now. It shouldn't have been broken in the first place, but at least they've recognised that it was detrimental to the point of Legacy Weapons and pushed out that fix when they've said they would.

How an individual chooses to view CM Crystals or Tunings after this change is entirely down to the individual. Make no mistake, I'm not apologising for the lack of foresight by BioWare on this issue. I honestly think they should have left this one alone to begin with, let alone breaking something that has been in place for 4+ years without having thought it through completely.

It's an annoying change for the sake of minimal gain on the part of BioWare, it's probably cost them more than they currently realise (like others I'm less inclined to account unlock Crystals or Tunings or purchase those in future). I have no real need to do so, and this change cements it.

On the principle of it though, it's not something that should have been broken for those players who did account unlock CM Crystals. For that there is no excuse.

Thanks to everyone who has used my Refer a Friend link over the years, may the force be with you.