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Companion preference

stilitano's Avatar

05.31.2019 , 08:25 AM | #1
Hello folks,

For you dps sages or sorcerers, which companion type do you prefer for things like daily missions and Ossus content? Tank or healer?

BadhbCatha's Avatar

07.25.2019 , 11:22 AM | #2
The fun way to do it is with a dps companion.
More fun and more challenging.
Good off-healing pvp practice

LD_Little_Dragon's Avatar

07.25.2019 , 03:22 PM | #3
I'll add a second recommendation for dps. I run with a dps comp on all my classes and specs for easier content like dailies and heroics.

If you're taking more damage then you like just order your companion to attack mobs first; so that they draw all the initial aggro. The comp gets an instand heal to full when you mount up/rocket boost on the way to the next mob.
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ottffsse's Avatar

07.25.2019 , 08:20 PM | #4
Tank is most consistent in some of the heroic2+ stuff I think - basically whenever things get a bit more dicy. Otherwise dps to burn through stuff faster. But either is fine really. If you are geared.

If you are undergeared for some reason I think heal is safer - it is basically you cannot die except in doing vet/master mode kotet chapters, but killing stuff takes longer.
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Vego_Mohenjo's Avatar

07.31.2019 , 02:16 AM | #5
Honestly, I don't like ANY of the Consular companions.

Qyzen is a one note companion with no personality. Points, points, points, points, Scorekeeper, points. That's just about all of his dialogs in one line.

Tharan is a little better, in that he's got some personality (and Holiday for some levity). The trouble is he's a one note insufferable ***. I'm a genius, I'm a genius. Did I mention I'm a genius? That's about all his dialogs amount to.

Next we get Zenith. I don't know why I would want this irresponsible, reckless bonehead on my ship, but the game forces him onto me. His story is similarly one dimensional, with him directing EVERY dialog back to Greystar. Beyond that, he's just endlessly grump, grump, grump, with nothing interesting or appealing to engage us.

Iresso is the next one, and he's bland and wishy washy. I'm only just getting him on my latest Sage, but he's so unremarkable that I can't remember anything about him or his story, despite having played through the Sage several times now.

Finally we get Nadia, who is as bland as white bread. She has no personality beyond being whiny, and what makes that worse, she's the ONLY romantic option the Consular gets. This is exacerbated by her being added so LATE that there's almost no way to develop a relationship or even an attachment to her.

So, ALL the Consular companions are exceedingly weak (especially compared to some of the cool companions other classes get, like Kaliyo, Vette, Jaesa, Kira, and others). I'm about as well to use C2N2.

Oh, you wanted to know type... Well, most of the time, I play my companions on Healer, because they don't take all the kills for themselves, and it lets me feel like I'M the hero, not them.

tausser's Avatar

08.20.2019 , 01:37 PM | #6
I'm DPS and the comps are healers. My two sorcs both use 2V, my two sages use Tharan, mainly because the pub ship droid is so ugly.
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