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Dxun - Task Master Class Bias and an Easy Solution

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Dxun - Task Master Class Bias and an Easy Solution

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03.15.2020 , 01:59 PM | #1
This is going to seem more like a petty rant and in some ways it is. It will depend on other peoples ability to learn/master a class/spec being better than mine as well as their main spec.

In the operation The Nature of Progress during the third boss (both Story and Veteran) there is a repeat phase of the fight that requires 35 meter ranged class. It is the phase where the Taskmaster puts up his shield, jumps to the lake to start one-shotting the spawning adds. If you go into an aoe puddle inside this 35 meter radius, the boss will one shot you as well. In most cases, the fight requires that the boss be dpsed the whole time which includes this phase.

My personal background:
Main: Sin - all three specs
Secondary: Sorc Madness, newbish in the other two despite actually using it in non-raid content.

The game only has three ranged classes (sorc, merc, sniper). Of all of the dps specs for these classes Sorc has 1 that is 35 meters and sniper all three are 35.

The disinclusion of madness, and the two merc specs mean that you have to do either lightning or one of the sniper specs for this Operation, or switch to one during the raid. Both of these options are tedious, require gearing, and require learning a whole new spec.

Out of all of the fights in all of the operations in swtor, this is the only fight that is like this and the work that is needed in order to overcome this, to me, is grating. In my prog teams, I am now bringing a class that I am unfamiliar with, and for the most part staring at my hotbar to manage my rotation during the fight. Yes, I am learning, adjusting, and will slowly be able to be better at another class. Ultimately, I am upset because my main and secondary class are unable to do this fight. Our prog team now takes a break prior to taskmaster to switch to sniper and lightning sorcs despite our original composition.

I would request (nye, beg) for one simple solution be implemented. Just make that aoe puddle 30 meters instead of 35 so that all ranged can do the fight.

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03.15.2020 , 04:58 PM | #2
Different groups have different tactics for it. My group has only one 35m ranged, rest are melee. So we cc, slow down or root the adds in that phase, even kill some of them unless there is only a few of them up. And it's a very clean fight for us. However... I ended up as backup with another team killing it, and they wanted everyone to shoot the boss instead, from range. Well I don't play sorc/sniper well enough, I hadn't even leveled them yet, so they just had to deal with it. Besides it's always good to have a dwt in the group, just in case one tank dies in burn. I've had to do that a couple of times, as Shelly can be slow getting out of the pond, and tanks can't target it, meaning they can't swap and whoever got it first becomes crab food. Om nom nom!

So it is doable with melee heavy group too. It just needs to be done differently. Apex however... good luck with that on classes without self cleanse. I'm sure it's doable, but it's also an unnecessary hassle. They could just make contagion cleansable with any cleanse or root/slow/stun breaker, like Warlord grenades in SnV. That would make all classes viable.
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03.15.2020 , 06:56 PM | #3
why not do the opposite, make it 40m and have ppl focus on dealing with the adds like they will be doing on Nightmare anyway, the only reason you nuke boss on HM is cause you knock adds to she'll and thus can let Huntmaster kill all adds that spawn during that phase while you DPS him to make the fight shorter

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03.15.2020 , 11:59 PM | #4
I don't think there's any need to hit him during that phase. My group's even killed it with three melee (HM). Slow down and intercept the adds during that phase or don't and go for the special achievements
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03.16.2020 , 12:11 AM | #5
It's not neccecary to dps Huntmaster during that phase. Our team has killed Huntmaster several times without anyone dpsing it in that phase. Yes it takes a bit longer but it's doable.

You should mind that there is bug, you have to taunt or throw some damage to boss since it can reset otherwise. This should be looked by devs too.
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03.16.2020 , 12:27 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Morlom View Post
You should mind that there is bug, you have to taunt or throw some damage to boss since it can reset otherwise. This should be looked by devs too.
Probably related, it also resets every time someone stealths out during that phase, even if they're not tanks. I play sin dps, we often have a op healer and generally 2 sin tanks and none of us can stealth out. (so if a stealth rez is needed we need to wait for the light thingy to be back)
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05.11.2020 , 03:35 PM | #7
To try to assume the devs actually had an intended way this boss wanted to work past all the bugs, you shouldn't even have to be dpsing the boss at ALL during that phase to win the fight. At any time the safety field is gone, whatever adds in the area should be the only things eating the boss' health.
1. Scatter shot the adds that the tank helped you corral in one place. 2. don't kill those adds that got hurt. 3. Run the **** away from Boss when he gets knocked by the bull so he doesn't slice and dice you with all the adds. 4. Let the adds that didn't get sliced and diced do what they can against sniper boss and don't hurt them so he keeps sniping them and not you even when you're in the safe range. 5. That's it, one rotation of that strategy should be enough to push the boss to crab phase before the 2nd bull, given how much of an ego boost the devs gave to dps and no one else with their BiS tacticals and sets + jokes of enrage timers.

The only reason most groups go for cheesy loopholes in the fights like 35m range dps is because they usually just don't trust and don't want to bother with the idea that the group can coordinate a single strat with any amount of difficulty. When they can't just stack and spank a boss they whine and get tired of it until it's nerfed to hell for their tech frag farming enjoyment. I would suggest if you don't want to switch to sniper or lightning sorc for that fight, you set a better example and help your group learn how to fight the boss in a way that actually requires some thought.