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Guild invasion rewards don't seem fair

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Guild invasion rewards don't seem fair

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07.08.2019 , 07:11 PM | #271
Quote: Originally Posted by lightSaberAddiCt View Post
So your saying that say you have 3 toons in a guild, that each toon that makes the personal reward, also gets they guild rewards as well? Did they change that or something? Because I could swear before your guild reward was limited by legacy to 1.
No, it's always been like that.

lightSaberAddiCt's Avatar

07.08.2019 , 07:17 PM | #272
Quote: Originally Posted by Elessara View Post
No, it's always been like that.
Well learn something new every day. But that makes OPs argument even more irrelevant. I mean if you have a solo guild with your toons only, maybe a couple friends, you can hit guild rewards on small to medium and get multiple rewards. Or is it he just doesn't like large conquest rewards? How is it unfair?

This is almost as confusing as the P2W thread ....
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07.09.2019 , 12:06 AM | #273
Quote: Originally Posted by KoriVash View Post
Again I got guild rewards for all who made there personal goal. If you don't make the 15k personal goal you don't get the guild reward.
This is true and has always been this way.