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What are your gripes with the game at the moment?

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What are your gripes with the game at the moment?

LordArtemis's Avatar

01.03.2017 , 08:04 AM | #1
I wanted to list my main gripes with the game in it's current state...I will try to keep the list brief.

1) Removal of too much gear from the game.
2) Influence grind has become REALLY tedious.
3) GC was a good idea (IMO) designed and implemented in poor fashion with little insight.
4) Bugs that continue to persist, including the recent preview window bug.
5) Too many changes to crafting and character abilities in the last year.
6) Combination of level 9 and 10 crafting material spawns in KotFE areas.
7) Abandonment of Stronghold and GSF development.
8) Lack of Heroic streamlining (bottlenecks persist, heroics removed on Makeb and Illum).
9) Recent disconnection and lag issues.
10) No replay mechanic for original leveling content, nor difficulty setting.
11) Lack of Legacy wallet/bank.
12) The fact that most of the resource spawn areas for level 9 and 10 crafting supplies are gated.
13) Lack of complete return of all companions by the terminal when KotFE is started/finished.
14) Lack of ability to decorate Alliance HQ or throne room, and decorate/use Gravestone as personal starship.
15) Lost opportunities to give players bonus creature/droid companions in KotFE/KotET.

Those are my major gripes with the game at present. I would like to read the lists of others, if you are willing to share them. I may add more to this list later.

Alec_Fortescue's Avatar

01.03.2017 , 08:10 AM | #2
Number 1 is lack of iconic Jedi outfits which were present in most Old Republic visual sources (KotOR 2, comics, even this game's timeline vids). This is the biggest issue I ahve with the game. It really has an impact on me and my enjoyment of the game as I simply can't fulfil my Jedi fantasy.

Second is no endgame content since shadow of revan.

third is no class stories. Kotfe and Kotet were bad. I don't understand why they didn't go in a different direction, such as 3-4 chapter-long class stories for each class.

DarthEnrique's Avatar

01.03.2017 , 08:23 AM | #3
The game has pretty much gotten boring. My ex text me and told me that's why he's not been on and he's been playing on his XBox. I've been playing the new Pokémon Sun and Moon games. It's the fact that there's really nothing new to do. Uprisings are dump, Bioware continues to for RNG crap on us, my biggest cheese off is the Cartel Market. I can take grinding for gear but to seriously RNG almost everything aspect of this game is getting ridiculous and on top of that the player base wants people to grind for items they want of the GTN and while most say it can't happen best way to end high prices and save this game's economy is to put a credit cap on the GTN, remove the trade channel and anyone posting "WTB" or "WTS" in the gen chat is spamming like the credit bots that spam to buy credits from various sites, plain simple easy, but they won't do that so I digress, that's sucked a lot of the enjoyment out of the game for my ex who wants an armor set so since he can't buy it directly and the game content is dull, he's just stopped playing and he only came back less than two months ago, he resubbed a few days before the deadline for the Walker reward, so what's that tell you? Too boring and nothing is worth working for when the games dull as paste. He says he will be back, when I don't know.

Since he's stopped playing I too have stopped as well, game's dull without your friends to play with and talk to, even my guild where I, my ex and another friend of ours, who is the GM, has like 2 people on at most. 5 was the highest one day, but that was it, I haven't seen the GM on since before Christmas so, yeah dull and boring and way too much grinding and RNG crap. *yawn*
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Lord_IntarMedris's Avatar

01.03.2017 , 09:05 AM | #4
It's not actually a MMO. It's a SP experience with half butted features pasted on it. Resource gathering sucks. Crafting sucks. Really no reason IMHO to even bother with the GTN as the economy model in the game sucks. You have to use the forums to find a guild no in game guild finder. You can't access your mail box without finding one in the world first.

From the start this game hasn't been a MMO. The play area is extremely small. You get level balanced everywhere you go. What reason is there to level up if you're going to be nerfed to hell anyways. Better way to do that would to have an actual open area with areas specifically made for higher level players.

Sorry but as a MMO Galaxies was 100x better. This game as a MMO isn't even up to the industry standard. As a SP game though 9/10. Bioware instead of trying to save this heap just start fresh, and take this behind the shed and put it out of its misery.

jstankaroslo's Avatar

01.03.2017 , 09:49 AM | #5
My biggest gripe is that vanilla content has been pretty much abandoned.

1. Instanced final bosses -sometimes reduced so much in level that they can't survive one rotation
2. Too easy final bosses -even the Trooper one on Corellia, which is pretty high level -the fight is easy and 'streamlined' -and unexciting
3. Too easy and too boring levelling.
a) KOTET and KOTFE stories get old quick -just like planetary story arcs (but those had at least 2 versions -imp and rep). So after brief romance with new story content went back again to doing a vanilla story classes. They have/had/used to have more replay value. Maybe its the 8 class variety, or maybe they're done better
b) BUT with companions on uber mode, and mobs on squishy mode -the game is easy and un-exciting to play. If only I could do some solo H4s, but they are not present in game anymore (all but 1)

Look devs, I know you want to make endgamers finally happy and tweak your Galactic Command system. I'm all for your success on this field. I really am. But read your metrics -I'm pretty sure you'll find out most people spend their time on vanilla chapters. At least those who stay subscribed longer than 2 month cadence

apart from that:
Bugs still existing. And their name is legion. My latest gripe is Vibroblades clipping (cutting into) fem BT4 humps. That actually has made me spend cc and change apearence to BT2. And I'm not happy I had to do this due to a bug

casirabit's Avatar

01.03.2017 , 09:57 AM | #6
(1) Fights not having to learn to use your abilities and skills. This causes a problem later when you are doing flashpoints, uprisings, and operations. People need to learn their role and to stay out of "stupid" . You be surprised at how many people stand in that and then act surprised they died.

(2) RNG on the command crates. I am lucky as I can craft what I need and what my boyfriend needs but not everyone does that and that can create a problem for group content.
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Halinalle's Avatar

01.03.2017 , 09:59 AM | #7
Other players.

- Really hostile players who think they know more about the game than you and will blame you for their own mistakes aka elitists
- "I know I have interrupt but I don't use it! Deal with it!" / "I know I have DCDs but I don't use them! Deal with it!" aka "healer companion keeps me alive through any boss fight"
Speaking of which...
- Players who rather use healer companion to finish the FP instead of waiting for replacement

Vaerah's Avatar

01.03.2017 , 10:09 AM | #8
1) RNG loot. Hideous under every point point of view.
2) RNG loot. Hideous under every point point of view.
3) RNG loot. Hideous under every point point of view.

4) Awesome idea making 1-60 content so accessible, but there should be a "veteran mode" in there for those who want a tiny bit of challenge. As of now I jump in the middle of ANY amount of mobs, press Force Sweep and Cyclone Slash once, and they are dead without me losing more than 10% health.

5) When I relog in my Sorc or Sage, suddenly it's like I am playing with a character which is 10 levels below my Sent / Mara. Everything is looooooooooooooooooong to kill, so boring, DPS check bosses fail (the same I butcher so damn FAST on my Sent and Mara).
Same in PvP: on 5 characters it's "normal mode", on my "DPS" Sage / Sorc it's "fluff damage" mode with no impact on the fights whatsoever.

6) Cannot change my companions looks. I mean, my companion looks was #1 Cartel Coins income for BW and they removed it! For BW to spit on such a massive money maker is just... unbelievable!

7) There's something awesome in KOTFE / KOTET storylines... much more "tension / drama", like a movie! However they don't feel "natural". As Force user, this constant Republic + Empire alliance feels just wrong.
As non Force user... why should a bounty hunter or a smuggler even care about grand galactic scale struggles? Or even be involved in them?

8) Ever present, same bugs and misfeatures. It's 5+ years we all know you must disable players nameplates or else PvP easily turns into a slide show. However it's still there. Broken map features, obvious and over-reported stuck points are ALL there since ever. Hoth "floating" mounds of snow and crates still there.
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Theeko's Avatar

01.03.2017 , 10:18 AM | #9
1. Killing off every rare item in game mostly
2. Fake promotion emails

TUXs's Avatar

01.03.2017 , 10:24 AM | #10
RNG gearing and the lack of new group content is all - no need to complicate it beyond that.

We didn't play just to get gear prior to 5.0...we played because we liked the game and it was an easy game to have multiple 'main' toons in...but now, the whole RNG/CXP gearing crap is just highlighting how little has been added and how little there is to do after completing a few things.
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