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More than one regualar downtime a week is a SERIOUS problem...

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More than one regualar downtime a week is a SERIOUS problem...

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02.08.2012 , 06:01 PM | #271
To the OP.

As much as I hate them taking down the servers during the day for the whole europe, and they just keep doing it over and over even though we specifically stated that europe HATES IT I still think that leaving the patches and downtimes for 1 time a week is bad. The sooner they can fix stuff the better.

I just wish they didn't make Europe pay.

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02.08.2012 , 07:04 PM | #272
That wall of text is just the mewlings of another MMO virgin who's apparently never participated in a new game launch.

These things taper off with time. All of the new games I've played in the last few years have had the same issue, which eventually settled into the weekly downtime. Hell, even Blizzard can't launch an expansion without having to fix things several times a week for the first few weeks.

Get over it already. For a first time MMO launch, BioWare is not doing badly at all.

Quote: Originally Posted by Cancrizans View Post
Can you imagine how pissed people in the West Coast are who are getting their service shut down at midnight every couple of days because of relatively insignificant issues?
We actually have jobs out here, so most of us are already in bed, or headed in that direction. Don't really see why having the server go down at 4AM EST is such a big deal, don't you have school in the morning?

Quote: Originally Posted by Cancrizans View Post
It is also painting Bioware as completely amateur regarding their understanding of both how MMOs are run and what customers expect.
Newsflash Professor. This is their first MMO. You might want to actually look up the word 'amateur' when you get to school today.
"Due to the massive loss of subscribers in our flagship title, we decided to cancel Blizzcon this year, because frankly, we don't think there's anyone left who would show up."