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Why be mediocre when you can be exceptional? How about some innovation?

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Why be mediocre when you can be exceptional? How about some innovation?

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02.14.2012 , 07:15 AM | #271
Why be mediocre when you can be exceptional... because bioware has an army of fanboys who say this game is absolutely amazing with zero flaws. They don't need to try when people have no standards/expectations.

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02.14.2012 , 07:47 AM | #272
Quote: Originally Posted by llesna View Post
I do not believe it is reasonable to expect such innovation at launch or even shortly after launch.
This is where I believe a lot of MMO developers (BW included here) have made a huge mistake. The problem is they looked at WoW and tried to emulate all the good things about it and why it's successful.

What they did NOT do, is look at the players. The players already expect things to be polished. They already expect tons of things to do endgame. They want new and exciting content a hell of a lot quicker than they did even in 2007 when this game went into development. We all of us who have been gaming for that long are better and more efficient players than we were then. If they don't get this, they will feel ripped off plain and simple and leave and go and do something else and not give out their hard earned cash.

I DO believe it is reasonable to expect innovation right away. What have we got, the same tired old healer/tank/dps combo. They do have some interesting things like ranged tanks. However, as with almost every other game I have seen, melee cops the short end of the stick. It's simply easier to not have any except for the tank. and now you don't even need that.

While I enjoy SW:ToR, it really does have nothing end game. Nothing to grind and get fancy rewards for example. There are a few dailies to do, but they get boring the second or third time you do them. If you have nothing to occupy you at level 50, you will not keep playing. Well, I won't.

It's obvious they are working hard to fix all the problems in the game, and they will have AUS servers, so I am willing to stick around for a while. But please make it a bit more interesting and engaging, it's easy to get 50, give us a ton of engaging stuff to do when we get there please BW.

Hopefully something gets done fairly quickly, because I would like to see a new game flourish. I genuinely got that excited feel when levelling and quite enjoyed myself, but hitting 50 is disappointing.