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Results for Vig/Def Tank experiment

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Results for Vig/Def Tank experiment

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01.24.2013 , 04:43 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by wadecounty View Post
I mean, the numbers just don't support what you're saying here at all.
I've debated coming in and letting my opinion be known concerning the viability of dropping OS for a second point in Swelling Winds (I actually think that getting rid of Stasis Mastery and Courage for a single point of Swelling Winds is the better option even for any hybrid).

I actually think you might be able to generate similar or slightly more TPS with the 2 points in Swelling Winds while dealing less actual damage, spamming Slash instead of OS and using BS and Sweep on CD for a relatively simple reason: thanks to Single Saber Mastery, Force Sweep generates 30% more threat than it otherwise would. So, while it's not the same as being a high threat ability, it's pretty damned close ("high threat" is an extra 50%). I don't have the listed damage in front of me, but it wouldn't be all that hard to figure out what the best overall generator is by looking at the base damage on Sweep, OS, and Slash (thanks to resource difference, you would just need to compare the the combined damage of 3 OSs and 1 Strike to 4 Slashes and a quarter of a Force Sweep; whichever is higher is the better threat option).
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01.24.2013 , 05:08 PM | #32
Few thoughts and a bit of background to start: I run 18/23/0. Yes I take Stasis Mastery over Swelling Winds. Also a bit of methodology with my rotation, I burst threat at the start and then swap into a maximum survivability rotation since a well placed taunt (or even just the AoE taunt on CD) generates more threat than trying to really push my rotation.

First off, I like Stasis Mastery for 2 reasons. First of all, you get all 3 Focus every time you use it. It's like a mini Combat Focus. Secondly, without Mastery, Stasis is subject to pushback so you lose the last tick which drops it to the bottom of the priority list, just above Strike. Talenting it also has the bonus of allowing for more burst threat on your opener since you have 3 more Focus to burn. I don't have to use Strike until ~30 seconds into the fight.

Onto my opener. I use:
1. Saber Throw (3 Focus)
2. Force Leap (6 Focus)
3. Sundering Strike (8 Focus)
4. Blade Storm (4 Focus)
5. OHS (0 Focus)
6. Sundering Strike (2 Focus)
7. Force Sweep
8. Force Stasis (5 Focus)
9. Sundering Strike (7 Focus)
10. Blade Storm (3 Focus)
10.a Combat Focus (9 Focus)
11. OHS (5 Focus)
12. Sundering Strike (7 Focus)
13/14. Master Strike
15. Sundering Strike (9 Focus)
16. Blade Storm (5 Focus)
17. OHS (1 Focus)
18. Sundering Strike (3 Focus)
19. Force Sweep
20. Strike (4 Focus)

Particularly aggro tight fights (Writhing Horror and Stormcaller) I'll pop my Rakata Power adrenal and taunt boost early (usually at 5 and/or 14).

Once the opener is done I go with priorities as follows:
1. Sundering Strike
2. Blade Storm
3. Force Sweep
4. Force Stasis
5. OHS as long as I'll still have enough Focus for Blade Storm
6. Master Strike
7. Strike

Riposte, as always, is used on CD.

Whenever possible I try and pick up extra Focus with Saber Throw at another boss/add and with Leap if feasible.

I have yet to find a situation where I'm wanting to use my Armour adrenal before the CD ends from my Power one. Having Saber Ward, Warding Call, Enure and a clicky relic to use first really helps.
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