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Coming back to the game but vanguard is a complete different class...

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Coming back to the game but vanguard is a complete different class...

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Yesterday , 07:41 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by XxFarkonxX View Post
Honestly, after coming back after a long time, vanguard sucks now.

In pvp I could actually catch people or last longer then 10 seconds in pvp, but now? Everyone and their *********** mother have extremely strong cooldowns yet the best we get is a 25% damage reduction.
In regards to PVP it can be frustrating, PT/VG has the weakest and least amount of DCD this is well known and undisputed unless you are insecure in your own ability on your class. Some refuse to admit other classes short comings so they dont get put on par with their own. It is quite sad but it is what it is.

In saying that you should be proud if you are managing to make it work against all other classes as it requires actual skill and dedication and when the time ineviatably comes that PT/VG gets some love you will be in a good place as you managed when they where weakst of the bunch so god help those in front of you when they are FOTM.

One thing we do have is we can dish out some punishment to those that choose to tunnel us cause we are an easy target, Stack your firefall and procs run up to them like a suicide bomber and unleash some hell. I also remember a Hutt Ball where i enjoyed setting one such person up for at least 5 grapples into fire.

This is the way.