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I really don't like Lana anymore

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I really don't like Lana anymore

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08.06.2018 , 01:00 PM | #331
Quote: Originally Posted by Kiesu View Post
Wow. Lana is "fence sitting" because she is a Sith. I think it was Ben Irwin interview way back when where this was stated quite blatantly. There is plenty of calm rational Sith in the empire, who still endorse the Empire's views over Republic. Lana is like that too. And just because she disagrees on some views of the empire, doesn't mean she is against them totally. Do you ever watch political debates? Leftists are constantly debating other leftists even when their party is the same, because they want to make their party better, not because they want it gone. But one person (who is near exile at this point) can hardly do much to change the empire.

Lana isn't "other characters", she is Lana. Just like Torian is not Vette. You can try to argue "well most companions are cool and rational so Vette should be that too!" "well most companions crack jokes constantly so Torian should too!". These are personality traits that make characters unique, and not everyone shares them. Just like they make people in RL unique. It'd be weird to exclude private people from the list of other characteristics "just because", when nothing else is.
You might not like a private person because you cant spy into their private lives, much like they might not like you for constantly expecting them to tell things they don't wanna share. But that's just how some people are. We have certain traits that makes us dislike some traits and enjoy others, while another person could be and like the exact opposite.
One of the reasons I connect with Lana is because my main is in the same position. She's not chaotic evil or even lawful evil yet she serves the Empire. It's obvious you can serve the Empire without being a homicidal maniac in every interaction. In fact, if your goal is to bring about actual, real galactic change, you are more likely to have the power and influence to do that with the Empire rather than with the Jedi. The Jedi would be far too rigid with the rules and it would be like constantly fighting red tape and bureaucracy just to get simple things done, let alone working with an often corrupt Senate that doesn't always have the galaxy's best interests in mind.
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08.06.2018 , 02:50 PM | #332
Quote: Originally Posted by Kiesu View Post
Meh, use time stamps man. I'm just gonna assume you're meaning the generator scene.

I am not a man, and I don't know how to do the time stamps because this is not my primary form of communication. When the Knight informed Lana he took a calculated risk she show no respect or trust. You might think that she is within her rights to claim PC as her employee I do not.

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08.07.2018 , 05:06 AM | #333
Quote: Originally Posted by JakRoanin View Post
I am not a man, and I don't know how to do the time stamps because this is not my primary form of communication. When the Knight informed Lana he took a calculated risk she show no respect or trust. You might think that she is within her rights to claim PC as her employee I do not.
I call everyone man when greeting them, don't take it personally. In my native language we dont have he/she words at all so these words kinda fuse together in my brain automatically as whatever gender. "Hey man" was meant as just a more easily rolling off the tongue version of "Hey, you". Assuming gender in 2018 ikr

Well, if not time stamp at-least write down the time the scene appears, like 09:02. Makes things a lot easier to find.
Lana is correct on the "calculated risk that could have killed you both" though. The only reason this can in no way result in your death or harm is because the PC is there and the PC is invincible due to plot armor. Her criticism is perfectly justified from the point of view of someone who doesn't know that this is a video-game and that you're literally unkillable.
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08.07.2018 , 06:49 PM | #334
Quote: Originally Posted by aerockyul View Post
I appreciate the reminder about this. So often I'm playing and I do the same thing my character would do--act like that 5 year gap didn't happen. Also forgives a lot of the companion reactions--once a certain amount of time goes by, how much can we really expect them to keep on fruitlessly searching? The last they saw, we were in an unwinnable situation with an entire fleet of unstoppable ships. They didn't know where we were taken, or what would happen to us when we were taken. It's not like Arcann sent a message out on the holonet (beyond the Zakuul holonet) that he put us in carbonite on Zakuul.

It's pretty amazing to think about what Lana would have had to go through to locate you, plan the escape, plan the alliance and find a location for the base of operations, and execute all of that. Considering the way things go with her in charge, it was probably not a smooth ride in any aspect. Of course she's gonna be creepily invested in us when we're injured/stressed--she just went through five years of hell trying to save you and make the plan to go forward afterwards.
Not a problem, yeah itís probably easy to forget that there was a 5 year gap between the events with you being put in Carbonfreeze and Lana rescuing you. Plus we donít know all the danger she went through as there are unexplained adventures between her and Koth that are minorly mentioned but never fully explained.
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