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Huttball ( Vandin ) PVP map - feedback...?

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Huttball ( Vandin ) PVP map - feedback...?

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Today , 04:30 AM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by NateCrazy View Post

HOW ABOUT SPENDING YOUR TIME MERGING ALL SERVERS SO WE HAVE PEOPLE TO *********** PLAY WITH?????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????
How about not?

Star Forge doesn't need it, and it's not the only one that doesn't.

Mega-servers = game will be over in 6months due to self fulling prophecy and unrealistic poor morale to every non-brain dead person.

I have tons of people to play with, more than I can handle right along with everyone else on my server, and realistically, so do you.

Doom and gloomers who base their crap on NOT having any access to reliable data game wide do more damage to the game than the whole of the unmitigated disaster that is 5.x, the worst meta ever. But we'll be getting a restart soon with 6.0. New Metas can change the landscape of things considerably and undo broken things that were left broken thru a whole meta, like Ranged, Skank Tanks and Fury Marauders [in PVP] and stupid ideas like players being Emperors of factions no one gives a rat's *** about, introducing new raid bosses 1 at a time and stupid cross faction crap that has done nothing other than showing most pubs really not that good at PVP without their double premades filled with FOTM to prop them up and make the landscape NOT feel like Star Wars to some players.

This game needs more call-girls. Call-girls make everything better. Who doesn't like 'happy endings', right?

I'll take three. Thank you, drive thru.
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