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The new character preview window... isn't good at all.

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The new character preview window... isn't good at all.

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03.07.2021 , 09:47 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by CoraxTechnica View Post
The Amplifier window needs to be minimizable. It takes up so much screen space now to have this open and makes it hard to have multiple windows open at once and see everything.

Removing both stat panes is a weird choice, i liked having 2 selectable panes to see stats but I suppose it's not really that important, more a want than a need.

But, let's talk about putting weapons between the armor pieces.... why? This is a terrible idea in my opinion. Since forever, weapons have been at the bottom, and that's not just a SWtOR thing, that's kind of an RPG thing and most MMO's follow that trend, weapons at the bottom.

I really didn't think this window even needed to be changed, it was good enough as it was. Bigger character display for what? I see my character in game, and in the preview window, and on this sheet all at the same time if I want to.
I would rather go back to a more KOTOR style equip menu over this, if anything were to change.

I couldn't possibly agree with this more! The new window has completely wrecked the open window arrangement I've been using for years, and there simply is no way to make it work anymore. What used to be quick and easy is now awkward and difficult. I certainly hope they consider changing it back

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03.08.2021 , 03:31 AM | #32
New character panel is ugly as hell... As some people mentioned before, we need a way to minimize amplifier list. Also idk why character portrait is so big, it looks terrible because of visible pixels on contour of character.

Ahwassa's Avatar

03.08.2021 , 10:58 AM | #33
+ 1 to revert it back to before the update
(or make it smaller - I donīt need my character to be so big).